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Is Gorgeous George Making Eyes At Bradford City?

There are some things that politics and football have in common, not least of which is the feeling that, in order to survive and thrive at the top table, you need a big ego. It should probably come, therefore, as no great surprise to hear that the new Member of Parliament for Bradford West, George…

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April 11, 2012

Bradford City vs Crawley Town, Or The Decline & Fall Of Western Civilisation

To wake up this morning and watch the sport segment from the BBC’s Breakfast programme, one might have figured that League Two had witnessed the beginning of the decline and fall of western civilisation rather than a fight at the end of a football match. Brows were furrowed and the tone of the presenters was…

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March 28, 2012

Popplewell, Hillsborough And The Bradford Fire

“Soccer attracts more hackneyed hyperbole than most sports. We talk about “tragedy” when we mean “disappointment” and “disaster” when we mean “defeat”. When real tragedy and disaster occur, we tend to be stuck for the rights words.” Those words, written by David Lacey of the Guardian a quarter of a century ago, ring as true…

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October 21, 2011

Yet More Uncertainty For Bradford City

Ten years ago, Bradford City were a Premier League Club. Since then, they have dropped to League Two, had two spells in administration, and it still doesn’t look as if their future is getting any brighter. Jason MacKeown reports on their latest woes. Following a decade of regular failure, Bradford City supporters have become used…

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April 17, 2011

10 Years Of Torment For Bradford City

Bradford City slipped into the bottom two of the Football League at the weekend when only ten years ago they were still a Premier League club. Bradford supporter Jason MacKeown is of the opinion that it is somebody else’s turn to suffer. The glass-empty default setting which typifies most football fans means that, from time-to-time,…

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October 5, 2010

The Bradford Fire Revisited

Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Bradford Fire. In view of this, we are this morning republishing an article that first appeared on this site in May 2007. Perhaps it’s the extremely close proximity that it had to Heysel. Perhaps it was because it was dwarfed by Hillsborough, just four years later or by…

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May 11, 2010

In Praise Of… “The Beautiful Game? Searching For The Soul Of Football”, by David Conn

In November 2001, I (as was my wont at the time) made the short journey from my flat in the centre of St Albans to Clarence Park to watch The Saints play Basingstoke Town in the Ryman League Premier Division. It was an uninspiring match – a flattering 3-1 win – but more concerning was…

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January 23, 2009
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