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Blackburn & Forest Draw First In The Championship’s Holiday Season Of The Long Knives

By on Dec 27, 2012 in English League Football, Latest | 0 comments

It hasn’t been a terribly happy Christmas break in the Football League Championship, with two sackings immediately after the festive period which can only be considered to be perfect summations of the insanity of the hair-trigger nature of modern football club ownership. At both Blackburn Rovers and Nottingham Forest, managers have lost their jobs today for...

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The Axe Fails To Fall On Steve Kean… For Now

By on Sep 26, 2012 in Finance, Latest | 2 comments

It was a story that was completely in keeping with the entire way in which Blackburn Rovers Football Club has been run over the last couple of years or so that whether it was true or not was almost irrelevant. As a barometer of what most think of the owners of the club, that the story that Steve Kean had been sacked its manager and then decided to carry on anyway as...

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Match Of The Past: Blackburn Rovers

By on Aug 14, 2012 in Latest, Video | 0 comments

This morning, we return to our series of videos of the clubs of the Football League Championship with another of those relegated from the Premier League at the end of last season, Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn Rovers is a club whose initial decline arguably started with the advent of television, which makes archive footage of them a little difficult to find, but we do...

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Sit Down, Shut Up: Blackburn Rovers Supporters & The Stewardship Of Their Club

By on May 8, 2012 in Latest, Politics | 4 comments

With an air of the inevitability that has accompanied much of their season and more than a hint of black comedy, Blackburn Rovers slipped from the Premier League last night. It was managed, as these matters so frequently are, by a very thin margin, with only a goal from Wigan Athletic’s Antolin Alcaraz three minutes from time being enough to separate the two...

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Blackburn Rovers: When Owners Turn Chicken

By on Jan 13, 2012 in English League Football, Latest | 8 comments

One emerging problem with the “benefactor model” of club ownership is “what happens next?” Blackburn Rovers have struggled with this problem since their 1990s benefactor, steel magnate Jack Walker, died in 2000. And current owners Venky’s are not, yet anyway, the solution. Walker, who famously took Rovers to/bought the 1995 Premier League title, made some...

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