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The Late Late Show

By on Jun 26, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 1 comment

Italy 1-0 Australia Well, off they go then. Australia, whose appearance in the World Cup finals had brought about much press coverage as Brazil, Argentina or England, didn’t have enough in their engine to out-smart those foxy Italians. They had, to be honest, flattered to deceive in the first round. The hyperbole that surrounded their win against Japan...

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Brazil Nuts

By on Jun 23, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 2 comments

Brazil 4-1 Japan / Australia 2-2 Croatia What, exactly, possessed the BBC make Brazil-Japan their featured match? Anyone looking at the schedule after the draw would have been able to tell you that the battle for second place in this group was going to be between Australia and Croatia. Well, not the BBC, who seem to think that we’d prefer to watch Ronaldinho...

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Great Expectations

By on Jun 19, 2006 in Latest | 9 comments

Australia 0-2 Brazil Going into this match, one would have thought that Australia were the favourites to win this match. The confidence of their supporters (which ranges from a bright, sunny optimism to a vaguely niggling arrogance) was largely responsible for this, though it was also helped by Brazil’s poor performance against Croatia. Everybody watching...

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Advance Australia Fair

By on Jun 12, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 4 comments

Australia 3-1 Japan What a terrific game. Best of the tournament so far, in my humble opinion. Australia, as I said before, are a capable team, and are a decent bet for a run to the quarter-finals. One would hope, knowing the self-aggrandisement of Australians when it comes to sport, that they don’t go any further. If they do, that enormously irritating sunny...

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