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Accrington Stanley & Ground Grading

One of the more welcome surprises of the last ten years or so was the return to the Football League of Accrington Stanley. The original club bearing that name famously resigned from the league in 1962 and, in doing so, became one of those great rarities – a Football League club that doesn’t even complete…

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February 4, 2009

Who Are They?

Was there ever a more ridiculous advert than the Milk Council’s “Accrington Stanley” one of the mid-1980s? “Accrington Stanley?”, bellowed a dreadful little Scouse kid, apparently spurred on By Ian Rush, “Who are they?”. “Exactly!”, spat his equally obnoxious little friend. I know that it was all just a joke, made partly because of Stanley’s…

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July 25, 2006
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