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It’s Tough At The Bottom: Accrington Stanley Is Still Clinging On

It’s Tough At The Bottom: Accrington Stanley Is Still Clinging On

With more than a quarter of the league season now played, the tables are starting to take some sort of shape. Over the rest of this week, we’ll be looking at four clubs who sit at the very foot of their divisions, starting at the bottom of League Two and a club that has rather…

October 29, 2013

Fifty Years Ago: How Accrington Stanley Fell From The Football League

It is probably fair to say that 2012 hasn’t been the greatest year for British football clubs so far, financially speaking at least. Rangers, Portsmouth, Darlington and Port Vale all languish in administration and it is possible that others will join them. The language of the discussion of these clubs carries many tropes that are…

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March 8, 2012

HMRC Go For The Jugular, And The Clubs Only Have Themselves To Blame

The cold air that is whistling through football isn’t solely as a result of the recent wintry weather. HMRC are on the move, and their aim is to recoup taxpayers’ money from football clubs that haven’t been paying their bills.

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January 8, 2010

The Fall & Rise Of The Football Collection Tin

The collection tin rattling outside a football ground was, for some years, the clarion call of the truly desperate club. They were at their loudest at Notts County in 2004, who have also caught the zeitgeist by grabbing some millionaire owners from the, ahem, “Middle East”.

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October 7, 2009

What’s Bad For Accrington May Be Good For Oxford

The tangled paths that various football clubs weave across each other don’t come much stranger than the ongoing saga of Accrington Stanley and Oxford United. When Accrington resigned their place in the Football League in controversial circumstances in 1962, Oxford were elected in their place. When Oxford surprisingly fell through the trap door and into…

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September 3, 2009

Accrington & The Tax Man

The news that Accrington Stanley have been issued with a winding up order should come as no great surprise to those that watch lower league football that closely. As the cold wind of economic reality blows through the lower divisions, Accrington were always going to be amongst the favourites to struggle to keep their heads…

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June 1, 2009

Accrington, Bury & The Spectre Of Match-Fixing

Sometimes, what happens in football matches seems so bizarre that one can only assume that either a higher force or the sleight of hand of match-fixing has been involved. How did both Liverpool and Manchester United score last minute winning goals on the same weekend? The truth, of course, is that they both simply wore…

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April 7, 2009
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