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Yes, It’s Sulaiman Al-Fahim Again! 5

Yes, It’s Sulaiman Al-Fahim Again!

Sulaiman Al-Fahim has been getting out in the press, and a recent interview with a pan-Arab business magazine caused Mark Murphy to get all hot under the collar again. He dissects what Al-Fahim said, and has compared it with what we understand has been going on at Fratton Park recently.

Farewell then, Dr Sulaiman 5

Farewell then, Dr Sulaiman

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Sulaiman Al-Fahim overcame his kidney stones just in time to offload Portsmouth Football Club earlier this week, and Mark Murphy has managed to find the time to remind him not to allow the door smack him on the backside on the way out.

Is The Portsmouth Crisis Deepening? 5

Is The Portsmouth Crisis Deepening?

With Peter Storrie openly admitting that the money has run out, the players either getting paid late or not getting paid at all and Sulaiman Al Fahim now having apparently been admitted to hospital, the situation at Fratton Park seems to be unravelling with each passing day.

Drawn Again 1

Drawn Again

There aren’t many things that transport me back to my childhood more than the fact that FA have reinstated the draw for the FA Cup to its rightful place, on Monday lunchtimes. Of course,...

End Of Week Round-Up 2

End Of Week Round-Up

I can’t help but think that I over-did the Chelsea yesterday. I didn’t quite dream about Ken Shellito last night, but it was a close thing. Still, good news everybody! To my considerable surprise,...

That Was The Weekend That Was 1

That Was The Weekend That Was

A mixed weekend, altogether, I guess. Manchester United have scored ten in four matches, but one would hope that they will have stiffer challenges to come than those that they’ve faced so far, whilst...