Lost In Transit: The Story Of Hugo Enyinnaya

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A Nigerian player that burst onto the Serie A scene in 1999 has finally turned his back on European football after twelve years of trying to establish himself. Here’s Paul Grech with the story of Hugo Enyinnaya. “I’m going to be rich!” was the typically honest reply of Antonio Cassano when asked what went through his mind after scoring a fantastic goal against Inter as a 17 year old, upon making his first start for Bari in 1999. As crass as such a comment might seem, it was, perhaps, only natural for Cassano to react...

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Port Vale: Blue Skies Or Grey Clouds Ahead?

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Clucking bell. Again. Remember that “£8m” investment deal between Port Vale and American synthetic pitch manufacturers Blue Sky International (BS).  You do? Well, apparently that puts you one-up on Hank Julicher – who just happens to be BS’s Chief Executive, so really ought to remember, if the deal ever existed in the first place. This week’s Port Vale scandal threatened to be the revelation that chief executive Perry Deakin and chairman Peter Miller had voted for each other in their respective elections to the Vale board,...

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The Decline Of Television And The Decline Of The FA Cup

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Confirmation of the live televised matches for the Third Round of the FA Cup came early this year, and while there was no great shock in the Manchester derby – a match which has, arguably, taken on a heightened level of importance given the events in the Champions League last night, even if it still isn’t the main even of either teams season – it was a little surprising to see that the decisions were taken by both ITV and ESPN before next weeks Second Round replays had even been played. And there may, whether surprisingly or...

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City & United Fall From The Champions League

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Anyone taking a bet at the start of the season would not have been able to predict how this would all end up. Manchester City and Manchester United kissed goodbye to the Champions League this season, and there were few mitigating factors that they could cite as a defence. Manchester United can point to their injury list and Manchester City can invoke their inexperience, but ultimately both clubs have resources that dwarf almost all others in Europe. Perhaps the group stages have, in recent years, become too one-sided, and this has led to a...

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Kettering?

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Whilst the eyes of most of the football world were focussed upon the likes of Stamford Bridge and the Nou Camp last night, an altogether more prosaic battle was playing out at Nene Park in Irthlingborough. The Blue Square Premier has had something of a flustered look about its lower reaches all season, with newly-relegated Lincoln City and Stockport County both finding life below the Football League tougher than they might have expected, but for existence-threatening financial difficulties, Kettering Town and Darlington beat all others hands...

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Euro 2012 Draw In ‘Not That Dull’ Shock

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Is Group C of the Euro 2012 finals – Croatia, Italy, Ireland and Spain – the most catholic group in international football tournament finals history? That thought occurred with the fourth team in two of next summer’s groups still to be drawn out and Italy’s and England’s balls still to be opened. When Saturday Comes magazine asked the question of one of the 2002 World Cup finals groups – also involving Italy and Croatia, alongside Mexico and Ecuador – so it wasn’t an original thought (when I have one, I’ll surely let you...

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