The 2012 African Cup Of Nations Review: Group Stages, Round One

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The 2010 African Cup of Nations fell away in quality and excitement after the opening round of group games. If this year’s tournament does the same, we will be in for a long three weeks. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we’ll be bringing you up to date with the progress of the four groups in this competition as each round of matches is completed and the first round of group matches is now over. Don’t forget that all matches in this competition are being shown live on British Eurosport, and that ITV4 is also covering...

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European Championship Stories: 1960 – Cold War Football

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There are plenty of people, not least within the governing bodies of football itself, who would have it that football and politics don’t mix. This is, of course, bunkum, whether we like it or not. The game holds such influence over so many people that it sometimes seems impossible for politicians not to be able to link the two, from the relatively harmless, “You only win the World Cup under Labour” slogans of Harold Wilson’s British government of the late 1960s to the altogether more sinister machinations of the state...

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Four Star Daydream: the Pompey Owner Saga Part 6.

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So, Fantasy Football Owner is being played at Pompey yet again. Against a background of a HMRC winding up order for two months unpaid PAYE – a total of £1.6m – the familiar dance of chancers, secret consortia and mad millionaires continues. Yet no serious candidate has emerged. The transfer window advances towards slamming point and all our promising new manager, Mike Appleton, can do is manipulate a-one-in-one-out situation with our expensive but depleted eighteen man squad. The reason? The club is so weighted with debts owed to...

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Is The Tide Beginning To Turn At Leeds United?

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We have noted before on this site that football supporters can be considerably more patient than we are ever given credit for. Indeed, some might even say that we are too patient. In recent years, we have put up with increasing ticket prices, the desecration of the atmosphere inside grounds and policing methods that would raise an eyebrow were they to be practiced in a totalitarian state. It is also worth remembering, however, that everyone has a tipping point, a moment at which a penny seems to collectively drop amongst a support base which...

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Non-League Videos Of The Week: 22/01/2012

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We have five matches for you this evening, from the Blue Square Premier to Division One Central of the Southern League, and finishing off with the Premier Division of the Super League in Scotland. First up is a match that we have already mentioned on this site today, the Blue Square Premier match between Wrexham and Kettering Town. Next up, we’re staying in the Blue Square Premier with the match between AFC Telford United and Cambridge United. Following this is a match from the FA Vase, with Kent club Herne Bay facing an arduous trip...

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Top Versus Bottom In The Blue Square Premier

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Two matches in the Blue Square Premier brought together four clubs from directly opposite ends of the football spectrum yesterday and, while the results of those matches were hardly unexpected, it was difficult not to feel at the end of this week that these were not as important as the fact that the matches had taken place in the first place. The matches were, of course, between Darlington and Fleetwood Town, and between Wrexham and Kettering Town. Darlington’s plight has been thoroughly documented on these pages over the last seven...

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