Football’s Winter Of Discontent Reaches Arsenal

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There’s something in the air at The Emirates Stadium. Arsenal Football Club has had a difficult 2012 so far, and patience – for some, at least – is starting to wear thin, leading to a protest that has brought puzzled expressions from elsewhere. At this lunchtime’s match against Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League, a group of supporters plans to place black bin bags on seats at the ground prior to the match. But what are the reasons behind this protest, what are its aims, and are those protesting representative of...

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The 2012 African Cup Of Nations: Eurosport’s Head-To-Headache

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Eurosport’s international football coverage, as unique as it remains in the field of sports broadcasting and run on a shoestring budget, remains excellent. And this year’s ACN coverage has been as comprehensive and well-informed as ever. But, as Groups B and D came to their conclusions, well… oops. The “head-to-head” rule is increasingly, if not yet extensively, used in world football as the first method of separating teams level on points at the end of a group or league, replacing goal difference, goals scored or – for those of us old...

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John Terry & The Fetishisation Of The England Captaincy

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In that special, unique way that only they can, the FA managed to set a dozen hungry cats amongst the pigeons of the John Terry case this morning. Their announcement, that Terry had been stripped of the England captaincy for this summer’s European Championships but that he would still be available for selection by Fabio Capello sends out a message so mixed that it would require an FA-branded centrifuge to be able to properly decipher. ”He will not captain the England team until the allegations against him are resolved”, said...

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The 2012 African Cup Of Nations: The Group Stages – Final Matches

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The tragedy that occurred in Port Said on Wednesday evening has overshadowed all else in world football this week, and this is a subject that we will be returning to when the dust has settled on a disaster so appalling as to be almost incomprehensible. Reports from Egypt have been pouring across the world via social media, and we would urge anyone reading this to bear in mind when reading reports on this subject elsewhere in the media that the events of this week are representative of broader political issues in Egypt than mere football...

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Light At The End Of Darlington’s Tunnel

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The phrase “emotional rollercoaster” is one that is overused in football these days, but the supporters of Darlington FC are rapidly becoming more than familiar with the term after another week in which their club sailed close to extinction before receiving confirmation from its joint administrator that it had permission to continue to trade – and therefore play – until the end of this season. Two weeks ago, there were frantic scenes at the club as it desperately sought to raise £50,000 in order to continue to trade...

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Red Devil To Hammer: Ravel Morrison’s Opportunity For Self-Reinvention

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It was, as things turned out, a mercifully quiet transfer deadline day, but the most curious acquisition of the day ended up involving a young player with just a handful of first team substitute appearances under his belt but also, it would seem, the capacity for potential brilliance and and self-destruction in roughly equal measures. Ravel Morrison has been hitting headlines since he first signed for Manchester United, but precious few of them have been for anything to do with his abilities on the pitch. Still only eighteen years old, his...

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