European Championship Stories: 1972 – West Germany’s Spring Of Absolute Contentment

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At the Heysel Stadium in Brussels on the eighteenth of June 1972, West Germany lifted their first major tournament trophy since the 1954 World Cup. Two years later, at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, they lifted the World Cup. Yet it is sometimes said that the team of 1972 is more fondly remembered than the team of two years later, and it is certainly fair to say that the road to these twin victories was not without its problems. For most people under the age of fifty, West Germany and Germany has been a footballing powerhouse at both club and...

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The 2012 African Cup Of Nations: The Semi-Finals

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“Check that’s not Jackie Chan, will you?” after one particularly high challenge in the African Cup of Nations (ACN) semi-finals. Ah yes. Gary O’Reilly was back on Eurosport. And welcome back too. However, the most telling comment of any international football tournament is “no goals against.” And that’s a quote from Cote D’Ivoire. The pre-tournament favourites waited until their 1-0 semi-final win over Mali to impress – but without a goal against, they’ve been unbeatable. And Mali were not about to prove otherwise, as ‘limited’ in this match...

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Kettering Town: Behind Closed Doors – Is The End Drawing Near?

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It has, as many of you will already be aware, been a long few months for the supporters of Kettering Town Football Club. During this period, their club has been uprooted to the former home of their defunct former local rivals, they have been promised the earth and have seen only the delivery of unpaid bills and an uphill battle to avoid relegation from the Blue Square Bet Premier. Amid the accusations, counter-accusations and recriminations that have accompanied this story, however, there has, perhaps, been no single, defining moment to draw...

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Fabio Capello Was The Least Of England’s Intractable Problems

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Welcome to English football in 2012. The captain of the national team faces a criminal charge for the use of racially aggravated abuse during a Premier League match. Five months after the event, the FA announce that this player will be stripped of the captaincy without, it would appear, having consulted the manager. Four months before the start of a major tournament, the manager resigns on the same that the man expected to replace him is acquitted in court of tax evasion charges. Captainless, managerless and rudderless, the good ship England...

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Capello Out – Enter The Barwick-O-Tron (Again)

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So, Fabio Capello quits as the England national coach. This is, perhaps, unsurprising considering the dog’s abuse that he has taken while leading the national team through an almost flawless qualification campaign, before finding that the decision over who would take the England captain’s arm-band was taken away from him without consultation. It may be some time before we find out exactly what was said at this afternoon’s meeting between Capello and the FA chairman David Bernstein from the FA itself, but Capello might not be...

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An Englishman In A Small Town: Paul Grech Meets Ben Perry Acton

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We have something a little different for you today on Twohundredpercent, as Paul Grech meets Ben Perry Acton, a player that forsook the English game to pursue a career in Malta. In addition to this, Ben had a grandfather whose name will be more than familiar to the supporters of Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers – Bill Perry, who scored the winning goal in The Matthews FA Cup Final match between the two clubs in 1953. This article was originally scheduled to appear on Les Rosbifs, but the site’s owner yesterday confirmed that he is...

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