CPO Say No To Chelsea 0

CPO Say No To Chelsea

On the train home from Liverpool last night after their League Cup win at Everton, Chelsea supporters could have been forgiven having something on their minds. For today, considerations regarding the Champions League, the...

Subbuteo, Manchester United & Me 1

Subbuteo, Manchester United & Me

I just bought an A4 print of a 1992-1994 Manchester United home kit Subbuteo player. I’m not a massive fan of Subbuteo, but there’s something about the aesthetic of it all that pleases me...

An Alternative View on the Media Bans 0

An Alternative View on the Media Bans

Football clubs and the media covering them live together as slightly estranged bedfellows, desirous of one another’s company but at times cold or distant when the other’s been bad in the sack. Quite often...