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Charlton Athletic’s Cautionary Tale

Charlton Athletic is a curious football club. Mention its name ten years ago and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t agree that it had, over the previous ten years, become a byword for stability and a blueprint for success for promoted clubs looking establish  themselves in the Premier League. Mention it today,...

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February 19, 2015
Gavin Webb

Preston North End 1-3 Manchester United: And The Reds Go Stumbling On

They came, they saw, and eventually, with the assistance of a goal that had a none too subtle hint of offside about it and a penalty kick that may or me not have been partially justified, Manchester United are through to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. In knockout competitions few will remember how you...

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February 17, 2015

Five Billion Pounds Can Buy The Premier League Bullishness, But It Can’t Buy Scruples

If ever there was a sign of the times in terms of attitudes towards the Premier League, then the reaction of both the media and a noisy proportion of the general public to the announcement of the league’s new television deal was about as succinct as might have been hoped for. There was a time...

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February 16, 2015

A Tale Of Two Continents: The African Cup of Nations & The AFC Asian Cup

You suspect that African Cup of Nations  Cote D’Ivoire would win a meaningful match on neutral territory against AFC Asian Cup winners Australia – a match which screams to be organised by whoever gives us internationals such as Argentina v Croatia at the Boleyn Ground. However, no amount of revisionism from British Eurosport’s Stewart Robson,...

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February 12, 2015

African Cup Of Nations 2015: A Lack Of Quality In Every Third

The 2015 African Cup of Nations (CAN) in Equatorial Guinea was hyped as wide open and unpredictable. And with holders Nigeria failing to qualify and “bigger” teams such as Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire in “transition” this was hype you could believe. But talk of “no outstanding teams” was right on two levels. The drama of...

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February 3, 2015

Celtic In The English Premier League… Well… Sort Of

January 21st already had considerable weirdness potential when I noticed that “Villarreal” was trending on Twitter.  I was – and here’s a sentence I’ve not typed before – off to a match between Celtic and Villarreal under-21s at Dartford FC’s Princes Park ground, in the “Premier League International Cup” (PLIC) – a title you’d normally...

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January 27, 2015

The AFC Asian Cup: An Inter-Nation Poor Relation?

A minor twitter storm kicked up last week when it dawned on many watchers of the AFC Asian Cup on British Eurosport 2 that just as a gradually warming-up tournament was starting to steam up, the channel’s coverage was evaporating. The service British Eurosport have provided over recent years to international football tournament junkies such...

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January 22, 2015
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