The Return Of Stephen Vaughan? Wrexham Beware.


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17 Responses

  1. Simon Cope says:

    Only one comment to make: EEK!!

  2. Micky says:

    There’s only one club I’d be happy for Mr Vaughan to be connected to, the Bletchley Stealers!

  3. ian says:

    I may be cynical but I think this a ploy by Moss and Roberts to take the sting out of the protest tonight.

    Remember how Bachelor turned up at ailing clubs threatening all sorts of indignities (turning Mansfield into Harchester United was a classic)? I think this is Vaughan’s role now. It may well backfire since the Wrexham fans who aren’t interested in politics, land deals, asset stripping and broken promises might be stirred into action by the prospect of satan himself taking over.

    And as one Alex Hamilton found out, when we rise up together, it’s a very frightening prospect indeed.

  4. admin says:

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, Ian.

  5. Blue on a mission says:

    Vaughan is a parasite, and as well as the issues highlighted above SV and SVJ are due at Liverpool Crown Court in January 2011 to face assualt charges brought by the CPS after he was alledged to have broken a PC’s jaw. The sooner he is banged up the sooner all football supporters can rest at ease. Chester Football Club is now a credit to the community it serves despite the best efforts of that Man and his hangers on.

  6. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    Micky – agreed 100%, is there anyone that can put him in touch wirth Wankeyman and allow him to use his own brand of persuasion on Mr Infectuous Enthusiasm?

  7. WrexhamFan says:

    I can only conclude that Stephen Vaughan wants to get himself prosecuted for breaching his company disqualification order. He cannot act, directly or indirectly, as a company director until 2020. By publicly expressing an interest in Wrexham FC in the media he should surely once again come under investigation by the Insolvency Service’s Public Interest Unit.

  8. Richard says:

    Surely if S*****n V*****n did invest in Wrexham, he would have influence over the club and therefore be a ‘shadow’ director. The Insolvency Service would then have to step in and press charges. This seems like a very stupid thing to do on SV’s part. There must be another reason for this sudden interest in Wrexham.

    On another note, as a Chester fan, I sincerely hope that Wrexham are not taken over by the wrong sort of person. When Chester were wound-up all the Wrexham fans I knew were extremely sympathetic. Hopefully they’ll be able to become a fan owned club, like we are, and enjoy all the benefits fan ownership brings. Looking forward to the derbies again too!

  9. Farcical. This can’t be allowed to happen, can it?

  10. Carl Douglas says:

    Sadly it appears we are destined to follow in Chester’s footsteps, only five years behind. First Guterman and now potentially Vaughan. Oh well, at least the derby will be on again when we are both in the Evo Stick!

  11. Keep this chancer out of our club

  12. steve says:

    SV should not underestimate the fans feelings… he should ask alex hamilton what its like to deeply offend us.

  13. Paul D says:

    I wouldn’t pin too many hopes on the IS (or indeed anyone else) doing anything much to enforce the “acting as a director” rules. Mike Diamandis, by his own admission, ran Swindon Town as “general manager” through some of our darkest days from 2001-2 onwards. His disqualification from acting as a director from Nov 97-Nov 2004 seemingly didn’t hinder him and no action has been taken retrospectively either. Almost certainly because he’d done nothing wrong whatsoever, obviously.

    Like much of insolvency law, seems the rules are only there as a deterrent – if you’re bold enough to break them, little if anything happens

  14. Martin says:

    I’ll feel bad for all the decent Wrexham fans if this nonsense does happen, but you’ve got to allow yourself a little chuckle at the moronic Wrexham fans laughing at Chester when he destroyed them as well as the moronic Chester fans who backed him until the very predictable end.

    Good luck Wrexham.

  15. ejh says:

    Meanwhile, in Geoff Moss news

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