Panic On The Streets Of Chelsea?


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2 Responses

  1. dissidentex says:


    Chelsea is in for a big and unpleseant surprise with Scolari.

    I disagree with teh opinion that were the Chelseadefenders MAINLY that let Scolari down.

    Being a portuguese i´ve seen how the man (does not) work the team in colectiv terms and the guy is average.

    For the last 6 years Portugal has taken goals sistematically and repeatedly from the same areas of the box and showing the same problems over and over again, without Scolari working on those aspects.

    The guy doesn´t( did not)work enough on tactical and strategical aspects of the game and is a moron and a stubborn person who keeps on insisting with a player even if anyone sees that the player must be removed.

    So, it´s no surprise what happened.

    In Chelsea we will bring them lot´s of pain and some decisions that would make Avram Grant in comparison a genius.

    The only thing that he has – extra -is an extraordinary amount of luck.

    But knowing footbal he does not.

    He lives of the glory of being world champion with Brasil, but is poor as a coach.

    The guy cost us tremendously because he waysted the best of a generation of players with top quality and left the squad leaving the business of renovation of the team , introduction of younger players, etc, to the next manager who will have a terrible job in qualifying for WC2010.

    Then if Wc2010 doesn´t occur Scolari will be the living mith , the super manager that did absolutely nothing, but creted the idea that he did an oustanding job with Portugal-not true.

    I´m very curious to see the results of Chelsea next season specially when they have 3 games a week,and Scolari has to wor, something that he wasn´t done in 6 years.

    It will be very interesting to see.

    Chelsea is downsliding…they don´t know it but they are.

    Russina bilionaires tinkering with footballs teams…

  2. David says:

    Anything to liven up the Big fours strangle hold in the premier league is a good thing in my book.

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