Questions About Birmingham City’s Financing…

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  1. says:

    utter crap ur full off the brown stuff u live in total and utter bollock shut up and get a fuckin proper job ya fuckin tosser birminghams finances are fine so shut the fuck up u knw fuck all wanker idot twat did i miss ne thing out god write about something thats true not this fuckin drivell

  2. admin says:

    Well. Quite.

  3. Mark Murphy says:

    And who could argue with that?

  4. urzz1871 says:

    And that, m’lud, concludes the case for the defence.

  5. Paul says:

    The author really has far too much time on his hands. Get out, make some friends and get some fresh air, you’ll feel better for it.

  6. bcfcgillmerick says:

    blues fans need to wake up
    the fact is there are no clear accounts of whether BIH is taking money out of bcfc
    you can put your head in the sand but at your peril
    ask hull portsmouth etc , it only needs one of the creditors of BIH to demand their money and where will BIH get this from: bcfc no doubt

  7. Stu says:

    Glad to see that my fellow supporters of BCFC can show such erudition in their carefully considered responses.
    Interesting, and frankly worrying stuff though Mark, just goes to re-inforce my opinion that football, and sport in general stinks financially.

  8. letsby avenue says:

    As an ordinary fan, as unwise and as uneducated as the writer, in the “financial world of football” – every point he eventually makes is old hat.

    There have been many public discussions on numerous forums about the finances and credibility of BIH and subsequently Blues.
    We’ve had doom and gloom predicted and almost semi-racist accusations of financial inproberty – for the 1st 12 months of Carson Yeung’s tenure.

    A set of papers are delayed a week ( because a share placement was being organised to offset any panic amongst the ‘observers’ such as the writer) – what do we get?
    Panic and innuendo from ‘observers’like the writer.

    A year ago, just over, we were promised that Carson Yeung had a hidden agenda. Obviously still hidden then.
    We were told that the Chinese Government and shady Hong Kong businessmen were using him as a front.
    We even had the reinforcement of David Sullivan telling the world that he was just a hairdresser.
    Carson Yeung may not be the multi-billionaire that Chelsea and Man City have as owners, but he has dekivered on every promise but one.
    That old clinker about a £40 million transfer window budget.

    That over excited, over-enthusiastic pledge was made on his initial press conference….and it seems to underpin every doom and gloom commentator’s motivation since. He couldn’t/didn’t deliver therefore he’s a sharlaton, broke,a wheeler-dealer or just inept.
    We’ve had all those comments.

    But now we have supposition passing as informed comment but coming from a writer who states up front he is not a financial expert – but chooses to rubbish other journalists who are equally or possibly better informed than himself. Why?

    He quotes two references from local Birmingham media.
    Both off the web and both probably written by the same journo for two separate papers within the same group.
    £7 million minumum was one hook.
    £25 million possibility was the other hook.
    Same source, same info, same truth – but directed at two different newsreader groups.
    Unfortunately, the writer seems to be ignorant of the ink trade as he is of finances in football.

    This article – ( when all the hyperbole and snide references to journalists and commentators is removed) – boils down to one fact, upon which a mountain of supposition is laid.

    The writer is also at fault for slagging the local journalists – the ones who would be the first to break a national story, the ones in daily contact with the key movers. They have no problem with Blues’ finances and manipulations out in Hong Kong. And with their proximity, they would know first and earlier than anyone else in the media if something was wrong.

    But because they have not reported international skullduggery – this writer insinuates that they are second rate or lazy or whatever.

    In fact it is this article which is biased and lazy. Selective and not very well researched.

  9. jamie says:

    please, please, please never let the numpties put you off writing. Excellent article, if only other journalists could do such a good job, then maybe football clubs would clean up a bit.

  10. johnnyzulu says:

    This tells us nothing we don’t already know. Yueng has got the money has got investors on board and is running the show, that has been made clear elsewhere. There is no Mr Big and has the author ‘Mark’ – a fan or a financial journalist – spoken to him or Pannu? This piece is the usual scaremongering cobbled together from the myriad of financial documents that tell us little in truth. Yeung has invested in the team, the ground and has a long term plan. He has not mortgaged the club to the hilt with loans like Liverpool were and Portsmouth. Blues are not about to go pop. The shareholders and investors are his companies associates and business pals and contacts. They prefer to be secretive so what? They are making inroads in China market and Yeung is not leaving the club short.

  11. Dr Bob says:

    So the main criticism against this article seems to be that it presents nothing new. No worries then – all must be well at BCFC.

    What a strange breed we footie fans are – why is it that an article that raises (or should that be ‘continues to raise’) serious questions about murky financial goings on at a football club makes some of that club’s supporters feel personally violated?

    It is murky – and it is BCFC supporters who shold be calling loudest for the murk to be lifted. And if everything is sweetness and light at St Andrews, then good luck to you. If not, it will not just be luck you will need.

  12. Often Partisan says:

    Thanks for doing sme digging as to what is going on at Birmingham, i have concerns about the club. Things definatly need to be made more transparant. As the poster above says the questions need to be asked.

  13. eyupmate says:

    Try asking Leeds fans, they are all experts in finance nowadays. After years of bullshit and lies by Chairmen, the premier and football league hierarchy, match officials, MP’s and the media trying to kill the club off.
    They will tell you “If they have a suit on they are corrupt”
    The fans are the only ones who care!

  14. The criticism that there’s nothing new in the article doesn’t really mean a thing to those of us who don’t follow the minutiae of Birmingham City FC regularly. It’s all news to me and very interesting stuff. Keep it coming.

  15. Worried Blue. says:

    eyupmate, you’re right “the fans are the only ones who care”. Or they would be if it was almost any other club than Birmingham City. I’ve followed them over thirty years and the vast majority of our fans don’t care as it requires thinking and effort but there’s not much of that on display with our average fan.

    The article is spot on and sums up nicely what some of us who have taken an interest already know and it’s very, very concerning!

    Please keep writing articles like this because, as you’ve identified, our local media is taking a head in sand approach and doesn’t have the journalistic talent to point out Hong Kong on a map.

  16. I.roth says:

    why if abusive comments will be deleted and not published is the first one from not taken off. Surely the guy has an opinion and he is just reporting bits from the press he has read. so what. he has started a debate and doesn’t deserve to have foul mouthed comments directed at him. all true Blues fans want the best for the team I think that we are better off at the moment with the present owners, than the last lot. There is nothing we can do. hopefully the owners have backing from unknown investers and we will not know this until another Jan sales goes around and the end of this season. we will all know the state of play by then. So hang onto your hats and lets see what matererialises. I think that we will be disappointd personally, but hey what do I know.

  17. Gavin says:

    We should probably modify it to “abusive comments will be deleted unless they’re as funny as this one”.

  18. Martin says:

    It has got to the state when I wish all these clubs would just go bust.

    Then their fans might wake up to what is going on.

  19. Dotmund says:

    I.roth makes an excellent point, but Gavin was right in this instance. We took a vote and decided that comments as magnificently funny as that one should not be allowed to slip through the net.

    It also serves as a useful indication as to some of the fun-filled, good-natured and constructive comments which the site receives every day!

  20. Mark Murphy says:

    Even I’d have voted in favour of keeping them up…although I wish my Dad would tell me before he writes stuff like that. I could have helped him with the spelling.

    Mind you, he denies sending it and reckons it was probably David Sullivan, who reckons Blues fans should be “proud” of Carson Yeung…just like Sullivan himself has always been.

  21. Worried Bluenose says:

    I am appreciative to the writer of this article. This is the best explanation yet as to what might possibly be happening at my club.

    I sold my shares to Grandtop and twelve months on I have to say it was a decision I regretted. Shareholders were paid well over the market rate for the club £1 per share and I, like others, bit their hands off.

    Transparency? Some would be nice. The longer the true picture of the club’s ownership remains in doubt, the more likely it is that articles such as this one will be written.

    The local media were bought and paid for the moment they were wined and dined by Yeung, Pannu and Hui. The Birmingham Mail, an organ traditionally hostile to BCFC, show a sycophancy not seen since the days when Deadly Doug ruled AVFC with a rod of iron.

    Birmingham City Council, in the form of its political leadership is far more friendly towards this regime than its predecessor.

    BCFC are not one of the chosen clubs in as far as the affections of the national media is concerned, so I don’t expect Pompeyesque interest in the clouds obscuring its financial stewardship.

    I will be taking a closer interest going forward.

  22. Gyppo says:

    The thing I don’t get with these blinkered fans is why they are here. When I read a response like the first, I find it incredibly hard to believe they can be a regular reader of what is a pretty intellectual football site. Frankly I wonder how some of them read the ‘ON’ button on their PC.

    I mean, do they really read the stories about the finances of, say, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Rotherham, Cardiff and Luton nodding sagely in agreement, before Mr. Hyde takes over upon mention of their club?

    Personally, given your strike rate, should Swansea ever make an appearance as one of the ‘clubs in crisis’, I would come close to making a mess in my pants.

    Full marks on leaving Einstein’s remarks up, though – nearly caused a pant-mess of a different kind. In fact, it might even be worth having a wall of shame where the most egregious examples of idiocy, ineptitude and ill manners could reside.

  23. Alex says:

    Apart from the very interesting points raised above Birmingham do have some very real and undeniable concerns, which could put further stress upon the clubs viability. Firstly they have a comparatively ageing squad, which are on very good money and will soon need to be replaced and if you listen to a lot of Blue noses they will go down. What would be the ramifications on Carson’s business model with only Championship money to keep them afloat?

  24. B says:

    Reading that ,all I kept hearing was “Hong Kong dollars and Indian cents ,
    English pounds and Eskimo pence”.

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