Just Leave Chris Hughton Alone


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10 Responses

  1. Mags09 says:

    I quite agree, leave the guy alone to get on with managing our club.

    Just a point though, the instigator of this rumour (a few days before Oliver in the People) was none other than our best friends at the Daily Mail namely Colin Young. We can alwasy rely on them to stick the boot in.

  2. Dave says:

    I find the media turning on CH inevitable and sad. However no matter how good a guy he is the displays have shown a lack of tactical awareness and strength over a very strong dressing room. More over the constant defence of players displays contempt for the paying public. The correct stance towards Perch, Best and players who have displayed major drops in form for prolonged periods is to take them out of the situation and deal with them behind closed doors. Not to come out and lavish praise on unacceptable performances on the pitch. This tact has either displayed a lack of managerial skill or his dog and white stick are in the drug out. As much as it disgusts me we should have taken the example of Sunderland once a manager gets you to a particular point the ambitions of the club demand a change. CH should have been given a coaching job for life with the club. My comments are not a reaction to the position we find ourselves in now as I held this view at the end of last season after watching displays with little or no change when things were not going well for 80 minutes. Fortunately we gained a lot of points by grinding out results the premier league is a different ball game. People forget CH`s record as caretaker manager in the dark season. I am sorry if this upsets people but the club should have made the hard decisions in the summer and not let the media bandwagon rule the roost.

  3. kenni scotland says:

    Alan fabrication Oliver is a poor reporter, always has been, always will be. CH is decent manager and a fantanstic human being. The Star had an article this week which was equally distasteful.Of course we need to strenghthen, a clinical finisher to play alongside AC and a good right back would be nice, but with ashley we are unlikely to buy quality, this man is the root of most of what goes wrong at SJP, until he goes we will not get any higher than 8th at best.

  4. abunimo olubengo says:

    though i am not a fan of newcastle, i have the atmost respect of the coach, he looks a decent man and a gentleman. he needs all the support he can get and lossing to the gunners wasnt easy with a derby match coming good luck coach and all the best. there are few gentleman like you left in this world

  5. B says:

    Aren’t you just doing exactly what you’re accusing the press of doing?

  6. RobM says:

    Not a ‘toon fan but thought I’d comment anyway, hope you don’t mind.

    The trouble here is that the newspaper journalists, and I think sports journalists are some of the worst, don’t just consider it their duty to report the news but to *make* it as well.

    If they can’t find something interesting enough to report on… well just make something up.

    Want to speculate about managers getting the sack? Well that’s “all part of the game” isn’t it?

    The problem is us, the fans. We keep giving these people the fuel they need to keep going.

    Don’t buy the newspapers that print this trash, don’t post on their websites and as hard as it may be, bite your lips and don’t talk about their rubbish rumours (after all, that just gives them a “fans rush to comment on ‘under fire’ manager” headline for tomorrow’s paper too.

  7. Chopper says:

    I completely agree with RobMs comment. This is a story (the paper’s I mean not this blog) out of nothing. I don’t even agree that the club have made a hash of it – why shouldn’t a club decide to negcotiate a new contract at the end of the year, it’s up to them. Their only mistake was probably in being too candid – better to just say that the manager has their full support and a new deal is an internal matter they have no obligation to discuss in public.

  8. Chopper says:

    *negotiate* even.

  9. NUFC Blog says:

    I think every toon supporter wanted Hughton to be left alone and do his job but, almost like clockwork. the board stepped in and sacked a promising manager and made a laughing stock of the club and its supporters.

    The only positive (if any) is that Alan Pardew has kept on the togerthness of the team which Hughton built.

  1. December 7, 2010

    […] weeks, even though their form so far has, for a newly-promoted club, been reasonable. We wrote at the end of October that there was speculation concerning his future, but the common assent at the time was that Ashley […]

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