The FA Cup Final – Live


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19 Responses

  1. Webbie says:

    Ah man… horrible to see Sir Bobby like that..

  2. Webbie says:

    Another sad thing to see – Jimmy Floyd running for the ball.

  3. 200percent says:

    I quite like those Cardiff shirts, though. And I say that as someone that doesn’t usually approve of black football shirts.

  4. Webbie says:

    Enckleman is looking like a liability. I can see a couple going past him.

  5. 200percent says:

    You only see the difference between the two teams when Portsmouth push forward. They’re more direct and look more like scoring.

  6. Webbie says:

    Re: comedy Dutch footballers names – I don’t have one but what I do have is Feyenoord song sent to me. It’s singer – Cock van der Palm.

  7. 200percent says:

    Damn straight about Enckleman, there.

  8. Webbie says:

    I’m a bit concerned about Cardiff later on in the 2nd half. They don’t really have anybody to replace Jimmy Floyd when his batteries run out.

  9. Neil says:

    16:05 – ‘this may be the ‘fan’s final’ but there are plenty of them still in the tea room’ – Motson.

    That’s because the ones in the tea room are in the Corporate block and actually ‘fans’ John.

  10. 200percent says:

    We’re now listening to “Pearly Queen”. I may have to invoke the spirit of “John Barleycorn Must Die” to get Cardiff back into this.

  11. Webbie says:

    I see the first sub has been made and it’s that new FA Cup ball.

  12. Webbie says:

    So the “wonderkid” Ramsey is on…

  13. 200percent says:

    Motson’s having a shocker today, isn’t he?

  14. Webbie says:

    I don’t have the pleasure of Motty over here. Watching the Sky Sports coverage via Starsports Asia.

  15. Anonymous says:

    According to the Guardian: Aaron Ramsey is 17 years and 143 days and Curtis Weston (17 years 119 days) was the youngest ever finalist in 2004, playing for Millwall.

  16. Webbie says:

    The bloke you’ve got pictured and the same bloke I used on my Pompey post – just seen him in the crowd at Wembley.

  17. Webbie says:

    I think that’s it for Cardiff.
    Can’t see them taking it to extra time.

  18. 200percent says:

    Portsmouth just about shaded it. I’m delighted for David James – one of the nicer men in football deserves his medal.

  19. Gervillian Swike says:

    The right result, but it was a very dull final, even duller than last year’s. I saw a blog entry from a chap a few days ago – I think it was on the Guardian website – who said he was 28 years old, started watching football from about the age of 10, and thinks the FA Cup Final is rubbish, because it’s nearly always a boring game – and I guess he’s right; since the United-Palace classic first game of 1990, only the 2001 and 2006 finals have been memorably good games. Made me glad I’m 10 years older, I saw some belters in the 80’s.

    Back to the point – I thought that these two teams’ “imperfect” status would mean a bit more in the way of excitement, goals, incident. Instead, we had a scrappy game dominated by defences, won by a mistake from one of the keepers, and with very little quality indeed on display. I actually think that the League Cup Final is a much better game generally.

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