Who would referee an Old Firm game?


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  1. jocky bhoy says:

    Lennon isn’t the only manager to have complained about refereeing/linesman’s decisions, though (unlike Smith) he hasn’t suggested it was anything to do with the offical’s surname implying a “different” demographic to the one he would like! Lennon has said nothing other managers haven’t said before “please get the impoprtant decisons right”, how is that controversial?

    The context of Lennon celebrating the last minute winner, after 3 penalty shouts turned down and two fouls missed in the run up to Dundee U’s equaliser, should be taken into account – and if Tayside police are seriously considering writing a letter abut his behaviousr (have they done so yet?) about “incitement”, then I suggest they have too much time on their hands. If managers can’t celebrate a win, are we banning passion? And I would take issue that the decision was “unversally accepted” it appears Dallas’s comments that Lennon accepted it was incorrect for a start.

    Houston’s remarks were if anything more critical of mcDonald after the Arabs game, why the focus on Lennon “pressuring” refs?

    Craven has resigned – as you say, apparently because of how the SFA were scapegoating him, NOT because of pressure. And either McDonald lied to Dallas about his decisions at Dundee Utd, or Dallas was complicit in a cover-up, either way heads have to roll if we are to have any integrity in our game.

    The fact that “honest mistakes” has so quickly become a euphemism is indicative of how prevalent the problems are in Scottish refereeing circles. And if these guys are really “top flight” god help us all.

    Final point: Lennon’s experiences in Northern Ireland are a curious point for you to raise – he had death threats from Loyalist (sic)paramilitaries, complete with code words, that had zero to do with stoking flames and all to do with him joining Celtic. He was also physically assaulted and knocked unconscious by two drunk Rangers fans in the street in Glasgow – I think he is very aware of the focus he is under but I believe he has a right to stand up and say what he feels without being intimidated.

  2. Gavin says:

    No, Lennon is not the only manager to critcise refs, and I agree Houston was out of order too. But Celtic are the main subject here because they’ve compounded the error with their attitude since, and because of the consequences. And yes, of course the abuse of fans is the ultimate reason for Craven’s resignation, even if the SFA are also at fault for opening him up to it.

    I did say “almost universally accepted – it now appears one of those who doesn’t accept it is one of the other writes on this very site ….

    As for reffing generally, I wasn’t aware that “honest mistake” was a euphemism. My own experience is that reffing in Scotland is mostly excellent. As everywhere there are mistake, sometimes bad ones, and if there’s a pattern it’s that those mistakes tend to go in favour of bigger sides. Very much including Celtic.

  3. jocky bhoy says:

    Are you going to update this Gavin, in light of the most recent round of revelations.

    That it most certainly wasn’t abuse that drove Mr Craven to resign.

    That Celtic, rather than being villains of the piece for asking for explanations, rather than kowtowing to the SFA & Ref’s Association conspiracy (and it most certainly was) aided and promoted by a painfully complicit media should now be lauded for having the courage to shine a light on the underbelly of the cozy world of Scottish refereeing?

    The fact that Hearts (arguably the third “biggest” club in Scotland) have come out with a more provocative statement than anything Celtic have done shows the deep-rooted resentment amongst the “bigger” sides at the referees questionable interpretation of the rules.

    And again, these issues are about the Dundee Utd game that Celtic won – so no sour grapes there. The fact that subsequent mistakes (how honest they are is anyone’s guess) occurred in Celtic’s next two games to Celtic’s detriment is not even the issue here.

  4. Gavin says:

    I’ll be posting an update on Craven’s Sunday Mail piece and on Hearts (dreadful) statement later on today, yes.

  5. Gavin says:

    (Mind you, you’re still not going to like it … )

  6. jocky bhoy says:

    That may well be the case, but that’s the nature of debate Gav. At least there is a debate now and I would hope that you’ll be a wee bit more objective and perhaps ask some questions YOU think need answered, rather than just going “they Celtic fans are paranoid that there’s conspiracies against them” (c. every scottish media outlet).

    BTW did Tayside police ever send that letter as was widely reported? Will the SFA act on it, given the apparent complicity in the events of that day?

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