Tom Hicks And The Hunt For Facts

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6 Responses

  1. Pockets says:

    excellent dissection of the petition for the TRO, how this dick can look himself in the mirror every morning is beyond me. i am willing to bet nothing comes of his £1 billion claim. its just a face saving exercise

  2. Gary says:

    A quite superb piece of journalism my friend. These sort of articles start to make me smile now with the mere mention of the name ‘Hicks’.

  3. the voice says:

    professor bunsen and beaker got what they deserved for digging a hole they couldnt get out of , if they had been truthful from the beginning and said it may take a while longer to build a stadium or build a premier league winning team they might have been given more time to do it ,but the lies and boardroom upheavel did them no favours ,
    lets wait and see what nesv can do and we’ll judge them in 2 years time when things are settled and they put their plans for the future in motion

  4. hugh yao says:

    thanks mark for taking the trouble to pore through the documents and share with us how low hicks could sink to. broughton and co should counter-sue hicks for defamation, after all the lies he made in his application to judge jordan. the end result is that hicks managed to make himself a bigger laughing stock than the fool he already is.

  5. neamman says:

    Arsenal fan here and I wish LFC all the best. One of the great English clubs along with ourselves and MU. But I have to say while I am happy with the outcome,I somehow think that this was pushed through with a lot of haste and it may come back to haunt LFC. I think Hicks has a point no mattter what we would like. Anyway, good luck to you and I hope you regain your rightful place near the top of the EPL.

  6. Jason says:

    I have read numerous articles where Hicks claimed to have invested approximately £144m of their own money in the club (apart from the enormous debt they also accumulated and saddled on the club). Are they therefore creditors of the club and will they be able to claim this money back?

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