Dundee In Administration: The Fall-out Begins


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5 Responses

  1. bill says:

    Gavin, is it not the case that the whole Scottish game is teetering on the brink just like Dundee? They gambled to try to get out of the poverty that is the 1st Division and really, when you look at the overall situation, who can blame them? If it had worked we wouldnt be looking at them in administration.You really have to look at the huge financial gap between the two leauges.Clubs in the 1st Division have to be given some league sponsorship money early every season. There is no tv whatsoever. Half the clubs in the 1st Division have to cut costs every season they fail to get promotion as crowds go down. It is a complete downward spiral. As for the SPL there are around 6 teams there that if they were relegated it would almost certainly mean administration. There is also the farce that people in Scotland can watch highlights of every single English game and also the Sunday games, but cant see highlights of SPL games till near midnight on a Monday night just for a few extra quid from the satelite companies. All this combined with the poor fayre on the pitch means crowds are falling and kids know more about the English game than the Scottish these days. There really does need to be an enlargement of the top league simply to help ease the pressure on the bottom 6 of the SPL desperate to avoid relegation and the top 6 of the 1st Division desperate for promotion. For some, as we see with Dundee, desperate people do desperate things…….

  2. Alan says:

    Great article.

    In response to ‘Bill’s’ reply, the point he makes about 1st division teams getting sponsorship money early is moot.

    Sponsors are hard to attract, and even with the welcome injection of funds from Irn-Bru (well done to davie Longmuir here), it’s simply not enough to sustain the delusional aspirations of many a club.

    How about we all just go back to being part-time community based clubs, living within tries an tested means?

    How revolutionary.

  3. bill says:

    Irn Bru is a great deal done by the SFL, no question. However the fact is that for the last 2 seasons the SFL have handed out sponsorship money before Christmas because clubs are struggling with costs, even the ‘part time community clubs’ mentioned by ‘Alan’. No doubt it will happen again this year. Part time football may well come to Dundee if that is the only way to avoid closure. A part time 1st division which is where we may be heading will destroy Scottish football completely. The SPL know this hence the talks at the moment to change the structure of the league including relegation. If things dont change we are heading for a league similar to Wales. Things are bad at the moment but do we want them to get that bad?

  4. oftenscore6 says:

    Hmmm, 1st division clubs speculating to reach the Promised Land of the SPL, where half the clubs are still on the breadline? Sounds like quite a few need a reality check. Would a part time 1st division really be such a bad thing?

    Great article, but I do have 1 issue with it. Administration is not liquidation, it’s a temporary protection from liquidation. If a club is liquidated, Livingston does look a precedent to follow. The punishment for administration should not be nearly as harsh, as they still might be able to recover and pay debts in full or agree a CVA with the creditors. In England, for a 2nd administration event, they’d probably be looking at 15 points…

  1. October 17, 2010

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