The Khoslas & Kingstonian: Out Of Administration And Into The Fire

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7 Responses

  1. Jertzee says:

    Good to see someone from K’s acknowledge that AFC Wimbledon are not club killers like many ignorant people do, the latest being the sour losers at Wrexham following our victory over them on Saturday.

    As a Wimbledon fan I know there is no love lost between some of K’s and our fans but I do also know that as a club we will do the right thing by K’s.

    Also, with the latest perimeter lease acquisistion Kingston Council were on hand to ensure that K’s were not going to lose out.

    Many of us know that KM will never be “our” ground and we also think we are just looking after it for you until we get our own back in Merton.
    I have a funny feeling that when that happens we will gladly hand over the keys
    and simply accept your wishes of good luck, and nothing else.

  2. JamPot says:

    Although I agree with most of what Jertzee’s says, although magnimous the idea of handing over the ground when (IF?) we ever leave might not serve Kingstonian well in the long term future.

    Football is rife with businesses and individuals getting – on the face of it at least – something for nothing. Giving a ground away like that is just another example.

    You cherish something much more if you have had to sacrifice and work hard for it. That is why us Wimbledon fans now probably look on 2002 as a blessing in disguise. What we have now – certainly from my own personal point of view – is far better than we had since the conception of the Premier League. For me the fun in WFC ended after the Cup win as we started an inevitable downward fall from grace.

    Its right though that Kingstonian should end up having KM if we leave but I would countenance that they do need to ‘pay for it’ in some way. Pay for it as you would a lease, at a sustainable level for your club. In that way when you finally reach full ownership the sense of journey and fulfillment will be all the sweeter.

    Trust me, we are almost there ourselves.

  3. Jertzee says:

    The thing is , is that all AFCW have is the lease, nothing else. If we hand back the lease to Kingston Council they can give the ground to K’s for nothing anyway.

  4. Al says:

    Mark – what I never understood is why Kingston Council signed over the lease to the Khoslas. As far as I can see it threw away £1.5m or however much they got from selling it on to AFC. Was there a good reason for the council signing it over to the Khoslas, or was it misplaced good intentions… or was it maladministration?

  5. Mark Murphy says:


    Sorry to be so long in replying to this, not least because it is a very good question. My forgetfulness entirely.

    Alas, the council were powerless to intervene in any way with the transfer of the lease. It was a negotiation between the leaseholders, just as when the lease was assigned to and from the administrators.

    The only powers the council had/have were to ensure that the terms of the lease were fulfilled – they could only step in if they weren’t.

    And the particular terms of the lease were that “senior football” should be played at Kingsmeadow, not specifying by whom.

    The council took a lot of stick from Ks fans and officials for “allowing” Wimbledon, from the London Borough of Merton, to become leaseholders in a neighbouring borough, Kingston, by NOT specifying that a Kingston club should provide that senior football.

    Kingstonian’s role in the original negotiations remains a bone of contention with some. But the bottom line is that as long as the Khoslas fulfilled the terms of the lease, the council had no sway over them.

    And the rest, you know.

    Sorry again to be so long replying,

    Mark M.

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