Milan vs Arsenal


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13 Responses

  1. sp3ktor says:

    GET IN! Don’t worry you might have a game like this in the UEFA cup

  2. sp3ktor says:

    Four minutes? Where the fuck did that come from?

  3. sp3ktor says:

    ah 2-0. Who cares, HURRAH!

    Come on Ian, i’m doing your job.


  4. sp3ktor says:

    Oh Ian take that lemon out of your gob. It was an historic win, first “english” club to beat them at home. This team lifted the trophy just nine months ago embarrassing Liverpool and Manchester United into the bargain.

  5. 200percent says:


    Seriously, they were okay tonight, but Milan (in keeping with their form throughout the rest of the season) were poor. I’ve already resigned myself to United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool making up the semi-finals of it this year.

  6. Webbie says:

    Farewell Maldini.
    It was an honour to watch you play.

  7. Tote Football Pro says:

    The Champions go out at this stage again.


    Have all now fell at this hurdle after winning the trophy.

  8. 200percent says:

    I saw something about it in the paper on Monday, Unkie G, but that was the first time that I had seen it – ta.

  9. Betting on footy says:

    Just a point on why wasn’t the Milan v Arsenal on ITV1instead of Man U v Lyon? I think I probably know the answer – more United fans would have tuned in (due to their huge fanbase)so a bigger audience attracts more advertisers = more money. However, surely the Milan, Arsenal game had a broader appeal for the neutral fan and, for those who tuned into ITV4, so it proved to be one of the best games of the season so far, compared to United v Lyon that was, frankly, very dull.

  10. sp3ktor says:

    exactly that b.o.f. ITV will very rarely pick Arsenal or Chelsea over Manchester United or Liverpool, the latter two having the much broader fan base whereas the London clubs mainly rely on support in the South East

  11. Spangly Princess says:

    hehe 200% I usually find myself in agreement with you but not today. how on earth could you think that was a poor game?!

  12. 200percent says:

    Can’t I occasionally be allowed to show the same blind prejudices that everyone else shows week in, week out?

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