A TV Dogs’ Dinner

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  1. Gervillian Swike says:

    No-one really escapes this article without an appreciation of their knowledge and indeed their skills – even Motson (I have to agree by the way, an irritating presence on the telly, far better on radio) What I’m getting from this is that it’s the format of televised football (and its radio equivalent) that’s to blame more than the talents of the individuals that populate it. Which begs the question – how to improve that? From the above it seems to be to stop this boring bigging up of the games the stations decide to show and the endless self-promotion, shake the roles of the individuals up a bit more – but is this enough? Even someone as talented as James Richardson often found it difficult to make Italian football coverage watchable, because of the football itself. How about less football – go back to two games on MOTD and a round-up of the goals, some kind of article beyond coverage of community projects included. Any suggestions?

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