The Premier League & Sky TV vs Karen Murphy


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8 Responses

  1. MJ says:

    Good Luck Karen!

  2. Jertzee says:

    Not quite sure who to side with.
    On the one hand I would love to see a lot of money go out of the game at the top but the downside is it will affect the already paltry cash going to the lower leagues.

    But then another upside would be lower salaries thereby negating the loss of cash from the TV companies. Again, the trickle down affect could send lower clubs under quicker.

    Lastly I don’t think any football should be shown at 3pm on a Saturday on the will harm “live” attendances, and therefore revebue, at a lot of clubs.

  3. Cuccir says:

    ” She is expected to argue that, in showing matches at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, she is not breaking the law because she is not showing matches that are on at the same time as matches that are being shown live in the United Kingdom”

    I don’t follow this? Surely the law isn’t about showing matches that are on at the same time as other live broadcasts, but its about showing matches which are on at 3pm on a Saturday!

  4. Sofiane derradji says:

    Good look Karen!Rupert Murdock what a twat.

  5. Jertzee says:

    Cuccir – That’s a point…isn’t the law that of the 3pm when “live” games are in play, as opposed to “live on TV”?

    Can’t be that fundamental as that is clearly breaking the law if it is that clear cut. You would have to be an idiot to go to court with that….

  6. paul says:

    All Sky need to do is lower there monthly subscription charges & they would stop all this. Publicans are finding it hard enough in this current climate & with Sky charging on average £1000 a month for the sports package the publicans are left with no option but to find an alternative …… Good luck Karen

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  7. info display says:

    she is going to court on the premis that the E.U. tradeing laws state “free trade” amongst all E.U. countries is not against the law. so how can it be against the law to buy and use something that she bought in good faith from europe. If she is not allowed to use this then the free trade law will have been broken ! Skys defence say it is illegal because greece(AND OTHER EU COUNTRIES) do not have the rights to show uk football anywhere else other than in there own countries. so in effect you can buy european sat equipment legally but you cannot use it to show football without infringeing skys broadcasting rights, lets not be fooled here folks, this is all driven by sky AND NOT THE EPL, not one pub that pays for sky has EVER BEEN WARNED OR PROSECUTED OVER SHOWING FOOTY ON EUROPEAN SYSTEMS AND LOADS HAVE BOTH, ITS A WELL KNOWN FACT IN THE PUB GAME IF YOU PAY FOR SKY YOU WILL NOT GET A VISIT OVER SHOWING 3 PM FOOTY.

  8. when you go hoilday to Spain every bar has sky football on,doz sky say or do any think about this? because sky lost to much money £ . Plus all european games are 6 seconds delay not live ? Good Luck Luv

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