The Twohundredpercent FIFA 11 Review


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Wood says:

    Watching the 91t place club which was – eleventh years ago – the 3rd (for a day) gives you a bit of an insight into the way that football works and it could not be less like FIFA games work.

    The difference between Premier League players and Championship ones is that PL players are good at everything, Champ players good at everything except one thing.

    The difference between Championship and League One is not that great. Only when you get to the backside of League Two do you get to players who have no definable skills and even at this level one has players like Darren Anderton and Lee Hendrie who – but for fitness – would be higher up the leagues. They certainly have not halved in their passing abilities.

    However this is how FIFA differentiates between teams. The top teams have players rated between (say) 100-90 and others between 90-80 and so on down to League Two where they are 50-40. This is across the board. Titus Bramble’s passing skill is rated as “bad for a Premier League player” which is better than the best passer in League Two.

    It works for gaming but it is not really like football.

  2. James says:

    It’s all very well comparing FIFA to PES, but how does it stack up against the king of football games: – SWOS?

  3. Stuart says:

    I have always prefered fifa to pro evo and have played both games but fifa feels abit more realistic in my opinion sure enough there is a few things that anoy me bout fifa 11 even the older ones like for example in fifa 10 i think it was you could score from kick off from the halfway line that was ridicoulis iv seen a few comments on youtube n that folk not happy bout fifa 11 cause the ref gets n the road sumtimes or folk constantly play a lobbed through ball and score everytime aswell or everyones favorate cuttin it across the gk for a simple tap n it dispite all this i still play fifa 11 i play football but most of the people iv played online just do the same thing everytime and these are the folk who are ruinin fifa 11

  1. October 3, 2010

    […] The twohundredpercent FIFA 11 Review “Football games on consoles. FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer. There was a time when it was all so much easier than it is now. EA Sports had spent all of the money for FIFA on the licences and seemed to have very little left over for the game itself. Konami, on the other hand, knew that with Pro Evolution Soccer, if you wanted something that felt like the real thing, you would put up with Merseyside Blue playing against Connaught. With the seventh generation – the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 – of consoles, however, the balance tipped dramatically in the other direction. Pro Evolution Soccer stood still, while FIFA 2008, FIFA 2009 and FIFA 10 made quantum leaps in terms of the actual game-playing experience itself.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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