From Bad To Worse For Liverpool


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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5 Responses

  1. Burpee Mee says:

    Having watched those great Liverpool sides of the 70`s & 80`s you cant help but feel that this is a massive club in free fall your club has been raped big time & unless you get a major investor ASAP I`m afraid that you could become the biggest fallen giant of all time. As an Arsenal fan of 40 plus years I can honestly say that I would hate that to happen as your club is an icon of the game

  2. Bobbles says:

    Just pleased for Northampton really. Yo-yoing for years between League 1 & League 2, not had a lot to shout about in terms of cup runs – nice to get some time in the sun. (Not a fan really, but was born there).

    Liverpool – well, they’re really struggling, aren’t they? If Gerrard gets injured, you struggle to see who will pull them together. Previously, they attracted some top players (and some mediocre ones purporting to be ‘top’) through reputation/legend if not actual recent achievement. I see that fading rapidly. They were 7th (?) last year – you just can’t see them bettering that right now.

  3. I think they r not struggle enough to….:(
    has no forgiveness.

  4. Martin says:

    It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Liverpool fans after decades of incredible success.

    What did they do when these speculative leeches arrived several years ago when their intentions were obvious (they even called it a franchise FFS!)? Nothing, or not enough, that’s what.

    Even Man United’s core local fans did more in setting up FCUM in the same circumstances.

    Liverpool’s previous owners must take their share of the blame for selling (at a massive profit!) too.

    Over the next few years we will see if some of the cliches about Liverpool the city and its inhabitants.

  1. September 23, 2010

    […] From Bad To Worse For Liverpool “The early rounds of the League Cup have built up something of a reputation for low attendances in recent years. With season ticket prices being the price that they are these days, the majority of people have to pick and choose what games they go to over and above their pre-allocated league fixtures, and the League Cup is usually somewhere near the bottom of the list of priorities, somewhere between the Johnstones Paint Trophy or Europa League Qualifying Round Qualifiers and pre-season friendlies against Greenland or Freddie Starr’s All-Starr XI. The modern football ground isn’t designed for such scenes.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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