Wayne Rooney, Mohammad Amir and the News of the World


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10 Responses

  1. Willie Miller's 'tache says:

    Another excellent article and yes, in this instance, you are preaching to the converted. I think what is even more frightening is that The NotW and The Sun are the highest selling newpapers in the UK. Their influence – and shaky moral high ground – on all manner of topics should never be underestimated.

  2. Leon Tricker says:

    If Rooney had had a brilliant world cup I reckon the News of the Screws would have been even more excited to publish the recent stories – he’d have had further to fall!

    Agree with the point about role models being made by other (Sartre was right – hell IS other people) but then the arguement that children should be encouraged to see a footballer as role models is as laughable as suggesting girls should be encouraged to pursue a career as a ‘WAG’. The only person Rooney needs to worry about being a role model to is his child, and explaining all this attention to his kid in later years is what Rooney needs to worry about.

    The kind of moral outrage at Rooney and Terry etc. is yet another excuse for people to duck their own parental responsibilities. Parents should be the role models their kids need. When footballers or politicians or whoever has a fall from grace, a child should instinctively know that the behaviour is ‘wrong’ because of the values instilled in them through a stable and loving upbringing.

  3. Graeme Oliver says:

    “Even more flimsy is the other justification I’ve heard for running these stories – that Rooney’s extra-curricular activities might have been the reason why he had such a poor World Cup. To me, this is so transparently absurd as to invite outright derision”

    ok, what about getting pissed-up and and smoking cigarettes? surely doesn’t help.

  4. ejh says:

    I was wondering whether Sun and the NoTW considered themselves as role models.

    Re: the cricket, while I’m sympathetic to Gavin’s general line of argument, could Mazhar Majeed really have set up something so elaborate if it was the first time?

  5. Antony says:

    Must say this is a very well written article which I have enjoyed reading but with regards the writer saying he feels Rooneys off the field antics did not affect his performance in the World Cup, I would have to disagree. We cannot be sure but it was not just Rooneys performances but his attitude too that could be questioned. We also saw a blip in form from the normally very reliable John Terry around the time of his off the field antics came to press. There was also another high profile player who had a poor season last year when there were rumours going around about his personal life. I really dont mind what players get up to but if they dont perform on the pitch then as a fan I would feel justified in linking the two.

  6. Cal says:

    Great article

  7. Martin says:

    “what is even more frightening is that The NotW and The Sun are the highest selling newpapers in the UK”

    Fortunately the circulation of both is in long-term (terminal hopefuly) decline, hence their desperation in seeking out, or even creating, such pointless sensationalism.

    It would still be nice to see the Dirty Digger finally up in front of a Commons Select Committee but I doubt Cameron has the balls for it.

  8. Gavin says:

    Graeme / Antony:
    Who knows what’s going on in players’ lives that affects how they play? Smokign adn drinking is not ideal of course but different players have different temperaments and different ways of dealing with psychological pressures which can’t be ignored in addition to physiological issues. More to the point, it would be facile to pretend that such concern for his wellbeing, rather than plain gossiping / voyerurism is the reason for such interest in his sex life.

    Very hard to know. If we’re accepting the video is genuine, then it seems clear that by that stage he already had the necessary contact(s) in the dressing room, and of course that’s a concern. We don’t know to what extent that route of communication existed before the NotW first got in touch, or what had happened as a result of earlier meetings etc. I accept that’s an unknown and it’s not somethign we can brush under the carpet – but again, it’s the haste with which people are jumping to the opposite conclusion which is unjustified, so far as I can see.

    And as for Amir, specifically, I can only reiterate that the circumstantial evidence surrounding this incident strongly suggests to me that it was a first offence, even if it transpires there have indeed been more dodgy goings-on over a period of time.

  9. Mr Poo says:

    I’d not actually considered the possibility of the whole cricket scandal being entirely created by NoTW offering bribes.

    I feel rather stupid, as normally I’m the first to spot the nefarious hand of News International, but thanks for highlighting the issue

  1. January 17, 2011

    […] of the World, who – let’s remember – were the ones who set this whole thing up. Back in my September article I noted that if the investigation does lead us to discover people – besides their own journalists […]

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