Croydon Athletic’s Fifteen Minutes Of (Unwanted) Fame – When A Cricket Scandal Arrived In The Ryman League

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  1. Mark says:


    Just posted because I saw no comments and didn’t want such a good post go without getting its deserved praise. I’m sure it was read and appreciated by countless others. Thanks for the effort, always a good read. Keep it up.

    Avid reader from Malta.

  2. B says:

    I knew you could do it.

    Wonder what the crowd will be against Concord Rangers on Saturday.
    ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ ,and all that.

  3. Martin says:

    “And, as a result, Croydon FC got some unhelpful attention from the lazier newspapers”

    You might want to correct that Mark to avoid abusing the Trams.

  4. Mark Murphy says:


    Thanks, I know what you mean.

    But what I was referring to was a couple of reports which actually DID refer to Croydon FC and left out the “Athletic.”

    No offence to Croydon FC at all…if either of their fans are reading.

  5. Martin says:

    Fair enough.

    It’s a common enough misunderstanding.

    It’s the Ashford Town thing that must really nag.

  6. admin says:

    Croydon FC will, I think, almost certainly remain the only venue at which I will ever perform a long jump during a senior football match.

  7. Phnom Penh Andy says:

    Breaking news from their official website:

    “Croydon Athletic Football Club announces that manager Tim O’Shea and his Assistant Neil Smith have left the Club with immediate effect. It thanks them sincerely for their service to the Club since their arrival in 2008. Their record on the pitch has been exceptional and we wish them well in the future. Former Manager Ken Fisher has been appointed caretaker Manager [!!!].”

    National press reporting Majeed has quit too. Wages dried up? Mass player exodus imminent? Looking very bad – oram I being over-dramatic?

  8. Mark Murphy says:


    Ashford, yes. Especially when Ashford Twon (Middlesex) knocked us out of the SURREY Senior Cup. There must have been grounds for appeal in there somewhere.

    Phnom Penh Andy,

    I work at the “Non-League Paper” on a Saturday night and they were painting a doomsday scenario last night because all the club’s cheques bounced this week.

    Tim O’Shea was on the potich after yesterday’s game saying his goodbyes on behalf of “this group of players.”

    The Rams have a good academy, I believe – as I alluded to in the article, so they should be able to get a team up. But the rest of it might be a problem.

    To be continued, I have no doubt.

  9. Mark Murphy says:

    “Twon”? “Potich”???

    I work as a sub-editor at the NLP. I must be on holiday this morning…

  10. ejh says:

    “Does that mean they’ll get chucked out of the FA Cup?”

    Yes, apparently

  11. Martin says:

    I’ve watched an endless 60+ minute second-half at Croydon v. Grays on a freezing Boxing Day years ago (Wimbledon v. West Ham at Selhurst up the road was postponed) purely because the fussy ref insisted on adding on time every time the ball went out and rolled miles away over all that grass.

  12. Mark Murphy says:


    I think they actually withdrew…the FA probably haven’t noticed there’s a problem yet. The Ryman League have let them postpone their next two league games so a team of sorts may yet emerge.


    That was definitely Croydon FC, not Athletic. Most halves of football at the Arena (and “all that grass”) seemed like 60+ minutes, even if there was no stoppage time… :-)

  13. Shasha Khan says:

    All we as fans want to do is support our local club. Yet when travails such as those discussed occur, we continue to support a local club…because it is our local club. Thank you recognising that Croydon Athletic “deserve our sympathy, even if many in this sorry tale do not.”

    A Croydon Athletic season ticket holder.

  1. September 4, 2010

    […] One, it was clearly improving despite no obvious rise in the Rams’ meagre attendances. Two, non-league fans like to gossip. And three, Croydon’s then chairman, Dean Fisher, was in the process of being convicted of […]

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