One Leicester Shuffle: The Continuing Adventures Of Milan Mandaric

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5 Responses

  1. john allen says:

    why is every comment regarding milans attempts to take the club forward couched on cynical tones?
    are the people commenting working on a seperate agenda? please tell me where you people were when the club was in deep trouble? talk is cheap, criticism cheaper …nobody is saying everything that is done is perfect…by no means..but at least there is a club to winge about..thats down to milan(not a saint, a humanbeing)….

  2. Sam says:

    Excellent article Mark. This is reminding me a lot of the Munto affair.

    John, Mandaric is a somewhat baffling individual with, to put it very politely, a chequered track record in football. As you say, talk is cheap. He does plenty of talking and it’s rarely informative. Fans should be sceptical.

  3. Dave says:

    So you have clear definitive evidence that without Mandaric’s takeover in 2007, Leicester City Football Club would have been liquidated?

  4. john allen says:

    dave, i don’t recall people getting crushed in the rush to save the club…
    ( including you)im sure some people would rather have seen the club go under to be proved right…sam..say what you mean..chequered record? examples? i don’t know manderic nor do you…i do know there are a lot of ungrateful people about who haven’t injected a bean into the club, do you deny he has? i don’t care what his motives are..if he makes money good luck to him….great achiever’s always get stick from lesser men…ie brian clough…( not a perfect man) either…..on balance milan has done good ……

  5. Martin says:

    Folk like Mandaric don’t save clubs, they slowly kill them.

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