Yeovil Town’s Veil Of Silence


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8 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Apart from the fact that The Glovers were at Huish from 1920 to 1990, an excellently researched article that hits the naily squarely on the head. The more publicity we can get for this, the sooner we might see some answers.


  2. Will P says:

    Excellent to see more publicity of this situation.

    Hopefully, as a result, a public explanation of the boards stance will soon be forthcoming.

  3. Fred says:

    Its time for Fry and Hayward to go. Thanks for what you’ve achieved, but go before you ruin the club.

  4. Jack says:

    We at Brisbane Road have recently suffered from the separation of ground from club that this article warns against. Yet, perhaps due to Chairman Barry Hearn’s excellent media connections, its received no press coverage whatsoever. That Yeovil’s situation has garnered national attention while we currently reside in a ground we don’t own and are due to start paying extortionate rent to our Chairman’s holding company, that now possesses the lease to our ground, is very worrying for us. Maybe someone from 200% would like to look into the case of Orient’s stadium, because I assure you, it makes for even grimer reading than this.

  5. admin says:

    Jack, we covered this in January:


    If there have been any changes to the situation since then that have sneaked under our radar, feel free to email me. The email address is in the Contact page (which is linked on the right hand side of this page).

  6. Rob says:

    Not to dissimilar to how Hearn acquired World Snooker. His proposal was:

    “1. A new company would be set up to acquire World Snooker Limited for £1.
    2. This company would have issued share capital of £500,000 (necessary to cover future losses while we build).
    3. The shares in the new company would be allocated 51% to Matchroom Sport, a company controlled by me, 24% to other commercial partners and 25% to the Players who are voting members of the WPBSA at the time of acceptance of this proposal.
    4. The Players 25% would be allocated on the basis of one point for each voting member, an additional point for players for each ranking event win or a Masters victory and a further additional point for any World Championship win i.e. two points.”

    In essence, instead of the players controlling their sport (which is what happens in football at the moment), the promoter of a handful of players now handles it, all acquired for a quid, which is even less than what Hearn paid for Orient.

  7. Chris says:

    You could so easily be talking about Argyle here – it’s virtually an identical situation to what’s going on down here in Plymouth. (The main difference seems to be the Argyle Board’s pursuit of a World Cup host city slot – I shudder to think what their attitude will be if Plymouth/England is unsuccessful).

  8. Spitting Tacks says:

    It’s not directly relevant to Yeovil Town FC – but Mr Hayward has also been co-owner of delapidated St Michael’s Trading Estate in not-far-away Bridport since the 1970s. Though the estate is now falling down through lack of maintenance, it nonetheless provides a valuable home for local businesses and keeps 200+ locals in work.
    However, Mr Hayward’s firm has just persuaded a compliant West Dorset District Council to allow him to knock a lot of the estate down and build high-density housing instead, a terrible loss for Bridport. There has been strong resistance to this destructive move from the local population, from expert consultees, from a community benefit society who offer to raise capital to buy the site and especially from the Council’s own planning officers, who were over-ruled by craven and easily-swayed councillors.
    To paraphrase “Fred” earlier, “thanks for what you’ve achieved, but go before you ruin the town”.

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