Match Of The Day 2: The Murray Era

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9 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Actually cannot stomach Colin Murray. So detestably smug it makes me want to commit criminal acts. Hence, MOTD2 is going to be very, very difficult for me from now on. Which is a shame, as I actually quite enjoyed it under Chiles – and there aren’t many BBC football shows I like nowadays, as their World Cup coverage demonstrated admirably.

  2. Lol James says:

    You know, it’s funny but I much preferred MOTD2 without the desperate “I’m one of the lads” posturing of Chiles. I think his career move to ITV has proven to be the way to the same elephants graveyard as the Des Lynhams of this world.
    The one thing the BBC does do is allow it’s presenters to talk to an audience without having to condense what they say into bit sized pieces in order to make way for the adverts. Chiles likes the sound of his own voice so much that the necessity to make way for a Tampax Ad may prove too much for him to bare!

  3. David Robinson says:

    I agree with the gist of what you’ve written, but do not share your enthusiasm for Colin Murray; I tried. I mean I want it to be a success because I’m a football fan and usually preferred MoTD2 to MoTD1. Its time someone advised Colin that if he’s to become the man he needs to be to do this job then he needs to put away those childish things and grow-up a little. Viz-style humour is sooo last century. Last Sunday’s prog. was a failure, and managed only to lend the Adrian Chiles’ hosting era a gravitas I had never previously noticed.

    Ditching the 2Good-2Bad spot is a real mistake; both vindictive and short-sighted. Reprising all that dreadful ‘aged film treatment’-edit-suite malarkey is as effective as taking off Defoe and substituting Heskey when you really need a goal: a complete waste of time and effort. This stuff was teeth-grindingly tedious during Colin Murray’s World Cup Highlights programme, and it has not improved any since then.

    Oh well, at least we have Sky and Setanta, and I never imagined I’d be constucting that sentence and meaning it!

  4. Thompson says:

    I kind of like Colin Murray on MOTD2. His delivery doesn’t seem as forced as Adrian Chiles, and, like you said, he gets more out of his analysts than Chiles did. As for the format, I’m disappointed to see 2 Good 2 Bad deep sixed, but that’s the only quibble I have so far. Some of the segments (like the Top 10s) may have just been filler, as there was only one match on the day and 50 minutes in the programme. I want to reserve judgment on the format for a few weeks, until it settles down, but Murray puts Chiles (who I’m enjoying better on ITV, actually) to shame as MOTD2 presenter.

  5. Macbuck says:

    I find Murray most irritating – please replace him asap.

  6. terry says:

    Jonathan right with you on this one what a right tosser sooo far up himself and the billious chatter and prttle of oooh arnt i good murray you are a dim wit suck ..thankfully i have a mute button

  7. Costas says:

    Dear BBC,

    Please replace Colin Murray from hosting MOTD2 as he is destroying this lovely show for us. His lack of humor and inability to interact with guests and co-hosts makes viewing awkward and uncomfortable and for sure not the bit interesting. I do not know whether the new additions to the show are his own inventions but if judging from the flatness of his television persona it seems they are. MOTD and MOTD2 are two of the very few remaining shows worthwhile watching; you need to preserve them as much as possible and as long as you do so you can continue to rely on our faithful viewing for years to come. If you don’t I am afraid that it is not just me that will very soon loose interest.

  8. micky white says:

    i still watch motd2,but i don,t know for how long more,get rid of that presenter he hasen,t got a clue,i cant belive the bbc appointed him ,so please get your standards back quick ,while you still have few viewer,s left

  9. Liam C says:

    I have tried to give Colin Murray the benefit of the doubt, but his delivery is actually annoying – who wants to actively switch something on to be annoyed?

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