The 2010 Pre-Season Previews – The Blue Square Premier


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9 Responses

  1. Micky F says:

    I think it’s a measure of how strong the BSP is at the moment that of the top dozen teams listed here all but Crawley are former Football League clubs. You could even argue that it’s at least as strong as League 2.

    Hopefully this will be Luton’s year to make it back into the league but those other 23 teams are going to push us all the way. Hopefully Steve Evans can take some of the spotlight away and make everyone want to beat Crawley rather than us!

  2. Matt says:

    I think you are a bit too easy going on Crawley and Steve Evans … they are disliked a lot more than you say ! ;)

    It will be an interesting season – we (AFC Wimbledon) have strengthened and gone full-time but many other teams also look stronger on paper so it will probably be very tight around the play-off spots come the end of the season.

  3. Peter says:

    One mistake – Sol Davis left us last year rather than this year. I believe he spent part of the season with the Franchise scum. Great preview though. I agree it looks like it’s Luton’s to lose, but with one promotion place at stake, it just takes one team to do really well to prevent us or York or Grimsby. I want to believe that Crawley will start slowly and find the weight of expectation too much to handle.

  4. Cuccir says:

    “Barrow cut it fine last year”? Only because we were still as many as seven games behind the clubs around us at the end of March, having played 32 when others had played 39! We’ll be comfortably away from relegation this year.

  5. Phil Lench says:

    It’s Lee Morris and not Chris Morris mate

  6. admin says:

    Thanks, Phil, have updated.

    And, Matt, my opinion of Evans is as low as anybody else’s. I’ll be putting something a little more complete – a beginners guide, if you like, only with a little more detail – up at the start of September.

  7. Martin says:

    I’ll obviously be very happy if we do, but I would be very surprised if we finish as high as 4th in our first season back as a proper full-time side.

    8th again I reckon after a slow start with car-crash Crawley winning the division.

  8. PilgrimMutley says:

    Lets hope Creepy Crawley crash and burn and McFraud is kicked out of football for being a complete and utter Steve Evans!

  9. Sean of the Shed says:

    Matt’s right. Crawley are hugely unpopular, but it goes back pretty much to the time they were promoted to the Conference, firstly under the ownership of the Majeeds, and then appointing the odious and corrupt Steve Evans. They’ve been one of the most despised clubs for many seasons now, at least as much as Stevenage.

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