Bloody Hell.


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6 Responses

  1. discostu says:

    Great result for NI, if i hadnt had to change pubs at half time because of tardy friends i would have ditched the england game (shown in the pool room at the Famous Three Kings at west ken – Scotland were in the front bar and NI in the back) and cheered on Northern Ireland.

  2. Gary says:

    You can see the two Healy goals on my video from the stands at Enjoy!

  3. Neil says:

    I think I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Steve McClaren, he’s incrasingly looking like the office gimp who’s been promoted waaaaay beyond his competence and has no idea what to do with the collection of half-arsed ego-fuelled pack of ovverated nancies that he’s taken charge of.

  4. Ed says:

    I watched the highlights wondering if these really are the best 11 English players we could find. Before coming to the troubling conclusion that, yes, they are. The fact that England spent the majority of the game, against the worst team in Europe, having wildly optimistic stabs from outside the box is appalling.

    Are Andorra better than we thought they were? Not on your nelly. Are England as good as we thought? I’m beginning to wonder. I’d not even like to call this the worst England team I’ve ever seen, because ‘team’ would imply that, at some level, there was anything like a group dynamic or shared goals between them. Compare with Northern Ireland: there’s not one player in their side, not one, better than any English players. But they work together and get what they deserve. David Healy was superb.

    Bring back Eriksson! The levels of competence, flair and passion were just the same (none), but at least he somehow got the results out.

  5. colin says:

    For someone I keep getting told is the best left back around, Ashley Cole’s first touch is a tackle.

    Also, in an England shirt, Stuart Downing has the demeanour of a sickly child being forced to play football by overbearing parents.

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