Conflicting Season Ticket Stories At Old Trafford


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8 Responses

  1. bruce thomas says:

    Excellent piece.

    AON = Americans Out Now

  2. James A says:


  3. alun says:

    its a good start. I still cant believe people are willing to give their money to these carpet bagging parasites. No long term good will, or even can, come out of their ownership model. If someone you love is ill with lung cancer, the last thing you do is carry on giving them cigarettes.


  4. Err, haven’t you noticed there’s an ecnonomic crisis on with thousands of jobs getting cut and spending down?

    I’d suggest this is the principal reason for the fallin ST sales.

    The MUST “boycott” campaign made a lot of noise but didn’t affect the vast majortiy of ManU fans.

    I’d be amazed if any more than a couple of thousand didn’t re-new because of the “boycott”.

    And the Glazers aren’t going anywhere.

  5. RedAlert260599 says:

    Harpurhey Harry, MUST did not call for a boycott. But you’re right, as it says in the article, the drop is more likely to be because of the economic climate. But even if two thousand gave up their season tickets because of the Glazers, that’s “two thousand”, don’t say it like it’s not a big number, it IS a big number. Two thousand knives into the Glazers. Well done to that two thousand – bless em all. (I was born in Harpurhey):-)

  6. kruador says:

    To find out whether this is recession-led, compare season ticket sales at other large PL clubs.

    Let’s see what Man City say:

    “Seasoncard sales for the coming campaign have already topped last year’s successful figure with fully six weeks to go until the big Premier League kick-off.” Sun 04 Jul 2010, 12:06PM


    “Season tickets for the coming 2010/11 season are now sold out.”


    “The prices listed below are for the season 2010/11. Please note there is currently a waiting list of many years for a new Season Ticket.” (Starting price is £680.) “Please note that the list is extensive and it is not possible to say how long it will be before we will be able to offer you a ticket.”


    “The Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers are not currently available to new applicants. However, if you select the Bronze Membership you can be among the supporters that are next in line for the Season Ticket tiers of Membership should any become available.”


    “Q: How much does it cost to join the Season Ticket Waiting List?

    “A: £15. This is a one off payment that is redeemable against the cost of your first Gold membership purchase.”

    “Q: Where am I on the Season Ticket Waiting List?

    “Once we have renewed our Season Tickets for 2009/10 season we will update the Season Ticket Waiting List based upon the number of people upgraded to Gold membership. Details will then be available to view online.”

    Villa’s online ticketing site says that season tickets are no longer available online. Don’t know if that means they’re sold out.

    Now, of course, none of these clubs have as many seats to sell as MU. The grounds just aren’t as big. But three of them have waiting lists and one is charging just to be on it! I don’t think there’s a huge recession problem – and I know that many fans would move heaven and earth to renew their season tickets even if they were otherwise struggling. (And, unfortunately, also their Sky subscriptions.)

  7. Martin says:


    Real United fans’ best bet is to go and support FCUM.

    That will actually work.

  1. July 24, 2010

    […] Two Hundred Percent has a great article on our season ticket sales. […]

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