Prediction Time Revisited!


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8 Responses

  1. carlos says:

    I like Argentina’s chances against Germany. Germany had a tougher time against Costa Rica than the scoreline suggests (indeed the Ticos played their best game and went downhill after that).
    Argentina will exploit that offside trap that hurt the Germans that lesser teams couldn’t. I look to see Messi and Tevez come on again as second half substitutes and provide the necessary spark that will beat Germany. I admit it will not be easy as the Germans are playing very well, have lots of confidence, and of course have the home field advantage, but if any team can beat them, it is Argentina. If Germany do prevail in this game, I like them to win the Cup.

    This for me will be the best game of the quarters and is more worthy of at final.

    For the other intriguing game, the match between France and Brazil, anything can happen in football. I still don’t know how the hell France beat Spain because I thought aside from Ribery, they played horrible offense. Their defense anchored by Gallas and Makelele as you pointed out, was pretty good though. The history is interesting and I think Brazil will gain revenge for the strangeness of the 3-0 final in 1998.

  2. discostu says:

    Ive got a bet on Argentina, so they will of course lose.

  3. DoctorShoot says:

    Come on 200!! 0-0 OR 1-1
    Now you don’t really mean that do you??
    How about England 3 – 1.
    Can you edit that in pls.
    cheers and good luck with computer repairs. Doc

  4. c. says:

    “Don’t take too much notice of the people carping on about Deco and Costinha not being available for this match.”

    err…Deco, that same player that in the last 4 years won 4 domestic leagues, 2 CL and 1 Uefa cup, let alone the Euro 2004 final?

    Costinha-Maniche-Deco make a terrific midfield: they played together for 2 years and won literally everything – apart that final with greece. And since they never lost when player together in the national team.

    Costinha can be replaced, but Deco will be surely missed. I believe that like most of the people you are underrating Deco.

    “Their lack of discipline is something that England can possibly exploit”

    Well, in the last 4 years, and before that last match with holland, Portuguese players were shown…0 (zero) red cards. How about England?

  5. c. says:

    Btw, i think England will probably win because Portugal never found a proper replacement – or a different tactictal system – for Deco. So, since Deco is not playing, England are clear favourites.

  6. discostu says:

    Some bloke on football365’s letters page makes a good point – tomorrows reffing may be interesting.

    “For the England v Portugal game, Horacio Elizondo from Argentina has been appointed – not much history there then, everything should be fine.

    For the Brazil v France game I am sure that Mr Luis Medina Cantalejo from Spain has completely cast aside that his compatriots were beaten by the French and that actions of a certain striker in trying to get a fellow Spaniard sent off. “

  7. discostu says:

    Fucking told you. I’m going to place a bet on portugal now.

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