England’s Dreaming?


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8 Responses

  1. Moore says:

    I’m drawn to remember the treatment of Bobby Robson’s England side in 1990. For most of the tournament the press wanted Robson’s head on a spike, and after our eventual elimination he was a national treasure. What a difference 180 minutes can make.

  2. Godknows says:

    I trully think England going to win the cup this year and they also will defeat Italy easily. Very interesting blog.

  3. DoctorShoot says:

    Got it off your chest 200 well said.
    Out of the melee and pinned the colours to the mast.
    France Brazil and Germany Argentina will decide the tourney if they are tough games. will work on England’s favour.
    I know it’s crazy but I’m going for an England Italy final. Can’t help myself, someone’s offering 20s and I grabbed it, well there goes my spending money.
    cheers. Doc http://doctorshoot.blogspot.com/

  4. Ed says:

    One thing England do seem to have, apart from against Sweden, is the ability to grind out a result. It’s not pretty, but it’s a result. Maybe the reason we haven’t played as well as we can yet is because we’ve not been tested?

    I still fancy that England can progress to at least the semis.

  5. discostu says:

    I’m sort of 2.5.
    Would i be happy if England won the world cup playing badly? Of course i would, i would be over the moon. But once the initial euphoria wore off, it would be a little flat. I want them to play like i know they are capable of. You look at the squad, and you compare the individual players to some of the other countries, and its on a parr, if not better. With the possible exception of young Walcott, who still mistifies me. Still, he may be the next Owen, so lets put that to one side.
    But i want a Holland 4-1, a Germany 5-1, a “one night in rome”, a poland 3-0, and yes, a west germany 4-2. I want to see the team doing what i know they can do, i want the press to shut their faces, and above all, i want to run around in the street like a demented loon. Compare the press/commentators on Brazil to England. Brazil havent looked all that good, yet everyone still wanks over them like they are gods. Theres a big difference in criticising/praising a team, and sticking the knife in/kissing their arse.

    Its also affected my pre-match buildup. Until i see that performance, “Football’s coming home” feels a little silly. But, as usual, World in motion hits the spot –

    “Now is the time
    Let everyone see
    You never give up
    Thats how it should be
    Dont get caught
    Make your own play
    Express yourself
    Dont give it away”

  6. tiexano says:

    Well, you played boring, unimaginative football that’s a pain to watch and in the end you won the game even though everybody is wondering why. As a German I fail to see what could possibly be wrong with that. If my local team is anything to go by, you are on your best way to toward the final.

  7. discostu says:

    Even Sepp Fucking Blatter is sticking his oar in now.


  8. colin says:

    I don’t think England are an affront, I just think they’ve been fairly crap to watch and I’d rather see teams that have given me some actual pleasure progress.

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