Uncomfortable Questions For Chester


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3 Responses

  1. This is not an isolated problem. The number of games at the non-league now being affected by crowd problems is growing by the season. Some of this is down to fans simply being “priced out” of the Premier League/Football League, others by the ease to which they can gain notorious status.

    Young football fans simply follow fashion, so if they see others doing it, then so they follow.

    Many clubs at Step 2 and below of the pyramid still allow alcohol to be drunk on the terraces and this passes off in 99.99% of the time without an issue. Interestingly enough the two high profile incidents last season came on the same weekend, namely Boreham Wood v Kingstonians, and Luton Town v York City – both games where alcohol sales were restricted to consumption in the bars.

  2. Jertzee says:

    As an AFC Wimbledon fan we have been subjected to the local neanderthals at odd games throughout the last 8 years. They sometimes don’t even bother getting as far as the ground, merely trying it on with any fans who happen to be in a pub somewhere between a railway station and the ground.
    Chester will have to get used to this – the chances of this happening can be reduced by contact with the other club and police on arrangements. It will be impossible to avoid completely though.

    Drinking on the terraces,as any Wimbledon fan will testify can exacerbate the problem – just ask anyone who has watched a game at Bromley……. but a few games have been watched with beer available during the game that have passed off with zero incidents.

  3. Martin says:

    When it comes to problems at the games of reborn clubs it is interesting to note that there have never been any problems at AFC Wimbledon home games, only the odd away one where the hosting club was too naive, ignorant or just plain greedy to make adequate security arrangements for a larger than normal attendance.

    It seems such “phoenix” clubs attract their share of local trouble-makers (often those banned from bigger clubs and League grounds) “support” their local non-league club for the day mainly to see Wimbledon lose.

    Chester fans will just have to get used to this sort of thing and self-police their own idiots as well as possible.

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