What’s The Point Of The Third/Fourth Place Play-Off?

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  1. RichardG says:

    Dunno; this might be interesting. Given that he’s 32 this effectively has to be Klose’s last world cup, and his last chance to match or beat Ronaldo’s 15 goal world cup record. I wonder if the German’s will go all-out to ensure he makes it?

  2. Rocco says:

    I’d be quite upset if Klose does beat/match the Ronaldo goal tally. It seems intrinsically wrong for a poacher to top such a beautiful footballer.

    I always look forward to the 3rd/4th place play off, wish that the Euros had a similar game!

  3. Rob says:

    Morally, Klose already has equalled Ronaldo, as FIFA ludicroudsly incluse the first Brazil goal against Costa Rica as a Ronaldo own goal, rather than a Luis Marin own goal, even though Ronaldo’s faint touch wasn’t goalbound.


  4. Roy Ebsary says:

    That 1970 3rd-Place match was actually dominated by Uruguay even though the Germans won. In a change from the rest of their matches during the competition, the Uruguayans attacked from the start instead of relying on the counter-attack but the Germans scored with probably their only shot on target. Because they lost this match Uruguay finished with a negative record in the competition: Played 6, Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 3.

  5. Dar says:

    The best Third-Place matches have been precisely those that featured World Cup freshman, such as Turkey and Croatia.

    Here we have Germany, which no doubt still feels it deserved the Cup, and Uruguay, which will be see a Third Place win as its re-entry into the top football tier after decades of absence.

  6. Alan Pearson says:

    Do third n fourth play off goals count in golden boot 2014 ?

  7. Mark says:


    Yes, they do. And if Saturday’s third-place match is Brazil v Argentina, it could all “count.”

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