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Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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8 Responses

  1. AI Staff says:

    Interesting take, although I can’t help but argue on the USA. Definately underrated, but you really ripped into them. As for Group F: I think that one is the toughest. Am I the only one who noticed that the hosts have a cake of a pool? Conspiracy, of course.

  2. twohundredpercent says:

    I didn’t mean to rip into the USA team, but I am reminded of 1998 when, after being tipped to continue to build upon the improvement they showed in 1994, they failed to impress. The sporting landscape is just different in America, and it always seems to have been a case of, “one step forward, three-quarters of a step back”. Currently, too many of their players lack experience at the absolute top end of either domestic or international football. Interestingly, I think their best chance of qualifying comes at the expense of Italy, who are notoriously psychologically brittle and made considerably harder work of qualifying than they should have done.

    Also, the Germans have a comfortable group draw, but… if they mess up, they could be looking at England in the second round, Italy in the quarter-finals and Brazil in the semi-finals. Ouch.

  3. discostu says:

    I think the german team will make a meal of the group. I reckon they will get second, at the expense of costa rica.


  4. twohundredpercent says:

    Hmm, I’m not convinced that he fourth best team in Central & North America are up to the challenge, Stu. I would say, however, that The Guardian’s tip of 16/1 against Switzerland making the quarter-finals looks like it could be worth a fiver.

  5. colin says:

    Henrik LArsson hasn’t retired, by the way

  6. twohundredpercent says:

    Thank you for the correction, Colin. I was certain called time on his international career after the last World Cup – I even have a recollection of a commentator talking about it. Presumably they must have talked him out of it.

    (A quick check confirms this – but with draws against Finland and Chile in their last two friendly matches, along with the hiding they got in Dublin, have we been overstating their case all along?)

  7. colin says:

    His wee boy talked out of it, allegedly.

    I suspect Sweden may well be no better than half decent.

  8. twohundredpercent says:

    Well, I certainly hope so. I hope, at least, that Ibrahmovic is as much of a hopeless big lunk as he is on Pro-Evolution 5.

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