World Cup 2010: Spain 1-0 Portugal

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5 Responses

  1. Willie Miller's 'tache says:

    According to ‘Lawwwro’, Llorente should have ‘done much better’ with that first attempt and been able to pick his spot – yeah, that’s right – while he’s full stretch, horizontal and about 1 foot off the ground. You’ll have to show us how it’s done ‘Lawwwro’.

  2. ejh says:

    Indeed, the most obvious thing one noticed about Llorente was how difficult the defenders found him, not how poor his heading was. Would it be wholly unreasonable to suggest that a more important difference between he and Torres was that one plays for Athletic Bilbao, and the other for Liverpool?

  3. algeria da best says:

    The premiership managers really should take a look at Villa. Instead of the Serbians and the Algerians (Madjid Bouguerra for Liverpool or Arsenal, Wahab Rais M’bolhi for Arsenal or Man U, Hassan Yebda for Arsenal…). If Barca get Villa and Eto’o Real Madrid wont stand a chance to be first.

  4. ejh says:

    Barca already have signed Villa. (And as for Eto’o, it’s highly unlikely that Barca are going to sign a player they sold a season ago.)

  5. Greg says:

    To be fair to Klinsmann, he’s also appearing on US telly, where he’s no doubt under threat of death if he refers to the game as football. He’s miles ahead of ESPN’s usual pundit, the execrable Tommy “Onionbag” Smyth. Smyth has been banished to radio or something for the entire tournament, which has been lovely.

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