Greece 0-2 Sweden


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5 Responses

  1. poots says:

    I’m not sure if you caught the pre-match build up, where the Andy Townsend continued to claim that his understanding of the off-side rule was better than that of the officials.

  2. 200percent says:

    Yes. Yes he did. And Harry Redknapp. And Steve Ryder (or whoever it was).

  3. poots says:

    If Harry is so certain the official was mistaken next season I want to see Portsmouth use an new kind of off side trap, where the back four bundle each other off the pitch and roll around behind the goal mouth when ever an attack starts

  4. ursus arctos says:

    I find it interesting that this kind of counter-factual postulating about the rule interpretation seems to be limited to the British media.

    Here in Italy, where whining about referees is a national obsession, the reaction has very much been “Oh, so that’s the rule; ok, we didn’t realise that, let’s get on with slagging off Donadoni for his team choices and tactics”. And they were the ones who gave up the goal and lost the match. From the bits I’ve read, the reaction in France, Germany and Spain has been very similar to that here.

    I wonder if it is just an echo of the entire approach of the British media to this tournament, which seems to this outsider to focus on it being a competition among Premier League “all star teams” that would have been won by England if they were there.

    I genuinely feel sorry that you guys are forced to listen to this crap.

  5. dissidentex says:

    “…decent coaches don’t usually make the same mistakes twice …”

    Exception: Scolari

    In 6 years he coached Portugal in 4 games agaisnt Greece, two of them , within offivl competions and he maneged to lose 3 times and draw a fourth time.

    As a portuguese i´m sick of the man, and if he goes to chelsea, i fear for them…

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