Netherlands 3-0 Italy


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9 Responses

  1. colin says:

    David Pleat also had 154 unique attempts at pronouncing Camoranesi without ever managing one with both and r and n it it.

    He’s bloody hopeless.

  2. insideleft says:

    It was an amazing result alright, one that cost me a tenner in the office euro pool. Who’d have thunk it eh?

    Now, I dont want to take anything away from the Dutch, but where Italy just awful, or where Holland so good?

  3. sp3ktor says:

    Italy without Cannevaro look vulnerable at the back and Luca Toni just looked clueless in attack.

    The one thing they have though is they aren’t as hopeless as France – who played just like England in their game Romania

  4. colin says:

    Oh and Panucci certainly plays everyone onside.

    A defending player can’t remove himself from the consideration of an offside decision by going behind the goal (as an attacker can) because that would mean it was legitimate for the defence just to run off the park every time there’s an attack.

    Easy to forget, though. Great call by the linesman.

  5. sp3ktor says:

    Spotter’s badge, Colin.

    Yet again the “experts” in the media are shown up.

  6. colin says:

    It’s the persistent memory of catagory five training that makes me so attractive to women, Graham.

  7. 200percent says:

    I’m not an “expert” in anything.

  8. Wurzel says:

    Colin : EXACTLY what I thought at the time, yet not one ITV “expert” saw it that way.

    Definitely a goal, great call by the officials.

  9. Jak says:

    “It’s difficult to believe that the Dutch will be able to play this well again.” On what do you base that conclusion, 200percent? I saw nothing last evening that would suggest that the Oranje aren’t fully capable of repeating this level of performance in every match. Van Basten has them fired up, and being written off before the tournament began has only made them more determined. The victory last night will give them an extra jolt of confidence. And if Robben is able to return soon, so much the better.

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