World Cup 2010: The United States Of America 1-0 Algeria

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6 Responses

  1. algeria da best says:

    I think both teams played well and missed a lot of chances. Bob Bradley had awesome tacticts in the second half unlike Rabah Sa’dan who has become hugely unpopular here in Algeria. The Algerians are really glad to get rid of him and I hope the teams gets a better manager because we have big young players who are in need of a big manager. The refere was racist, Antar Yahia didnt deserve the second yellow card and he was sent off without knowing what he did. Anyway, the Algerians are coming to Algeria and will find all their fans waiting for them, we are proud of them we found new wonderful players such as Wahab Rais M’bolhi and Riyad Boudebouz and we will be at the next world cup as a hard experienced team. I wish America all the luck in the knock out stage, they told the world that America CAN play football. And before I go Saifi isent pronounced Sci-fi its pronounced Say-fi.

  2. EC says:

    Hey algeria da best, your country put up a great game — ca sera pour la prochaine fois! Also, props to Algeria for having played a hand in ushering in the simultaneous game thing… So much fairer, and so much more entertaining! The Slovenes thought they had clinched it after the end of their game, then found out USA scored! Doesn’t get more dramatic than that.

  3. gehan says:

    One wonders what would have happened had MBohli started the first match? It is interesting to hear (well read) about jingoistic commentary across the pond. As a viewer in the states, one is always worried about who will get to give us commentary. It doesn’t seem so bad, now.

  4. algeria da best says:

    Even if Mbolhi had started we wouldnt have lost against Slovenia and we wouldnt have gone through either. Thanks EC! Merci, la prochain fois sa sera tres interésante. I think the DZ VS USA match was the most exciting game. I feel kind of sorry for the slovenes they where so happy!

  5. rebekah harris says:

    heya i think that usa played very well and the other team could have dont better ….

  6. algeria da best says:

    yes Algeri could hav done better even they played better than the USA who also put up a good game!

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