Colin Murray’s Match Of The Day

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3 Responses

  1. blogdroed says:

    I agree about Craig Johnston not being given enough air time to discuss the Jabulani, but it was Alan Shearer’s incessant cutting accross which got to me … like the popular kid in school who hated it when one of the other kids got a bit more attention than him.

  2. Matt says:


    I can’t abide Colin Murray. I’ve not seen much of the highlights until the last couple of days, but I did see that Thatch Of The Day bit having turned over early for something else and I thought it was excruciatingly awful, the sort of “ha ha, some people in the past had funny haircuts! Imagine!” rubbish that you’d have thought everyone was over by now. Having funny bits in a highlights programme is fine, as long as they’re actually funny. And there was a horrible sneering reference to “someone who’s never known the love of a woman” when he was reading out a stat on the live game he did the other day which riled me, particularly as he’s been fawning over Motson on the highlights for the last two nights.

    However, I would imagine that self-important Daily Mail man’s problem has everything to do with Murray being Irish and working for the BBC. Has he complained that he can’t understand what Murray is saying? Or is he shying away from that after the BongoBongoLand business in case it becomes too obvious?

    Anyway, as well as the timeslot, isn’t the reason the ITV highlights get better ratings is because they usually last for an hour rather than the normal half-hour BBC highlights, so you might watch theirs presuming that there’d be more football in them? (Probably not the case – I’d imagine the ITV highlights are 25% football, 25% talking about England, 50% adverts for bookmakers – but looking at the timeslots you might not realise that.)

  3. Greg says:

    I’m from Northern Ireland and , god knows, we’ve produced some idiots down the years. Murray, however, is in a class of his own. Sale is absolutely right – I can’t watch MOTD2 OR listen to 5 live when he’s on.

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