World Cup 2010: Portugal 7 (SEVEN) North Korea 0

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7 Responses

  1. Brenton says:

    Any future reference to North Korea and the World Cup will no doubt focus on this loss rather than the 3 halves of excellent defence they put in.

  2. Luke says:

    Great review.

    I agree with your conclusion that the PRK didn’t quite deserve to lose by that margin. I’ve enjoyed watching them play for three halves, as Brenton mentions. The higher defensive line they played in this game was suicidal though; they just don’t have the players for it.

    I must admit, by the time the fourth one rattled in, to wondering how many of them are going to turn up for the flight back and therewith having to face Dear Leader. Don’t envy them at all.

    Finally, Coentrao is fantastic as long as you don’t make him defend.

  3. algeria da best says:

    It was a very intresting match. The Koreans did their best to stand up to Cristiano Ronaldo and his team mates, but failed terribly. The Koreans dont deserve such a hard loose, but thats the way football is.

  4. jonh says:

    lol Luke, u really dont know coentrao, you probaly just watch him this game, he is a great left defender, and that´s his position, i watched him play all year and his one of the best left defenders out there, at least with his age.. So dont put him as a defender his quite stupid,and what makes him even a better defender is that he can multi task.. he has terrific dribble and speed making him also a good winger,you dont see that much defenders with that capability ..

  5. Dar says:

    The Koreans seem to get tired by the second half, which is probably just due to inexperience on such a huge stage.

    Nevertheless, I think their entrance in the Cup will give them energy to develop the team for Asian play.

  6. Lizard King says:

    You’re right Luke. Coentrão is overated. he is in fact a left winger adapted to a left back. Very good while attacking but i’m afraid that, even if brazil plays with reserves, he is gonna have a hard time on the next game.

    and yes, i have seen him play all year too :-D

  7. ana says:

    olhem pessoal voces e que não vem nada… eu tive todo ano a velo no SLB ( Sport lisboa e benfica) ele e um excelente jogador!!
    o bruno alves tambem é ja foi lo melhor defesa da europa

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