Jonathan Pearce, A Billion People & Several Sleepless Nights


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4 Responses

  1. _f says:

    There was an article printed in the Indy in January this year that took a critical eye to the claims that the Arsenal v Man Utd game in October of this season was watched by a billion people. Some figures had been released that said that the biggest TV audience for a sporting event in 2007 was, in fact, the Brazilian GP with 300 million people watching, followed by the CL final with around 250 million. The Super Bowl did really well too. It made the point that FIA, UEFA and the NFL make sure that their product is available free to air, to maximise exposure. The Premier League actually fares very badly, mainly because it’s stuck on pay-tv in lots of the world. In China, where it used to draw it’s biggest audiences, it’s moved from CCTV (the free to air government station) to a cable channel that essentially no-one subscribes to who happened to offer more money. The Spanish league is still available on CCTV, which seems like a very good business move to me.

  2. _f says:

    Oh, and I heard Motty mention “500 million people” for the Cup final today, which is a bit optimistic.

    The most amazing aspect of the Pearce claim was the fact that it’d need a sixth of the population of the world to be watching. One in six people! For a game that, ultimately, decided nothing!

  3. Allan Brown says:

    There is no way that Pearce made this up. Someone from the Premier League will have briefed him; they may well have briefed others who took a more circumspect line, but the figure came up during the ‘Super Sunday’ earlier in the season and is all part and parcel of the way in which the League reinforces its globalness ahead of its Englishness. This gives the League ammo in its constant battles with its clubs (look how successful we’ve made the league!), the FA (we’re so much more popular then you!), UEFA (and you), FIFA (and you too) and finally, anyone who’d object to playing games abroad. Those antis just don’t get globalisation, baby. Never mind the quality, feel the global width.

  4. Jake says:

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