World Cup 2010: Spain 0-1 Switzerland

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  1. ejh says:

    I didn’t see any pictures at all, not currently having television reception, but I did listen to the commentary from Radio Nacional over the internet. Dear Christ. Standards in that field here are generally bad enough to make you yearn for ITV, but today was particularly dreadful: the commentator’s sole technique was to take a word or phrase and repeat it four or five times. Hence:

    “Vamos España. Vamos España. Vamos España. Vamos España….Iniesta, Iniesta, Iniesta, Iniesta, Iniesta…Fuera. Fuera. Fuera. Fuera.”

    After a few minutes of this you want everybody to die.

    The previous day, they were at an ad break ITV HD-style when somebody scored. Did this stop them doing the ¡Gooooolllllllllll! routine? It did not. Even though the goal had been scored about sixty seconds before he said it.

    God how I hate him.

  2. dray says:

    Spain team looks exactly like Barcelona in Champions League semi-final

  3. bleepbloop says:

    brilliant job dottie

  4. Mr Poo says:

    This should be the future of all football commentary

  1. June 16, 2010

    […] World Cup 2010: Spain 0-1 Switzerland “The important thing with covering a World Cup which has been so slow to start as this one is, basically, to at least try and keep yourself entertained. As such, our intrepid crayon-tester and some-time football journalist Dotmund had something of an ‘episode’ and decided to file his report of the Group H match between the reigning European Champions Spain and Switzerland in handwritten form. With sketches. He hopes this novel approach will become the paradigm for all sports reporting in this country. We are just glad that it keeps him off the streets.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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