World Cup 2010: South Africa 1-1 Mexico

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3 Responses

  1. gewinnspiel says:

    I think South Africa would have really earned three points. The performance from Mexico was compared to their game aggainst Italy really poor.

  2. Gyppo says:

    When I realised earlier, as we put the office TV on (strictly in the background, of course), that ITV had the opening game, I wondered out loud which of their commentators would mar my viewing experience. When Peter Drury’s tones rang out, I mused to my colleague that at least it wasn’t Tyldesley, who always seems to have one hand in his Y-fronts when watching Man U in the Champions League. She pointed out that fewer than sixty seconds of the match had elapsed before Dreary made a pointless, unsubstantiable statement (along the lines of “No-one is better prepared than Mexico”).

    However, being slow on the uptake, it took your post for me to realise Dreary’s appearance here meant that Tyldesley will instead get to express his masturbatory announcing style over Rooney et al tomorrow…and these guys get half the World Cup matches. Sigh.

  3. Allan says:

    Hmmm… not really sure the words “Clive Tyldsley” and “a grateful nation” really deserve to be in the same sentence, seeing as there’s really not much difference between messers Tyldsley & Dury.

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