World Cup Tales: Did Il Duce Fix It? Italy, 1934


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9 Responses

  1. Randver says:


    great page!!!

    great articles on background and history of the world cup!

  2. Nik says:

    Let’s face it.corruption has been a fact of life in italian football ever since the dawn of the game in its country.
    During the 1960s.Its been alleged and proven that Inter Milan under the ownership of Angelo Moratti,bribed referees in seria a and in europe on their route to winning the seria a and european cup titles in that time.
    It continued with other italian clubs in the 70s.
    Then 1980 came the totonero affair.Which saw a illegal betting synidate uncovered by italian police.Which involved fixing games and bribing referees in seria a.This resulted in demotion and points deductions for the clubs involved.
    A similar scandal to the totonero affair happened again in the mid 80s
    And in recent years.Ialian police uncovered evidence that Juventus under the corruptive influlence of their general manager luciano moggi.Rigged the outcome of their own games and others in seria a.As a result.Juventus were relagated to seria b.
    Given their past and present history.For me.The italians should be banned from the world cup,the european championships and the european club competitions for 10 years as a punishment for the ammount of corruption they have spread across the football world.

  3. Mike Sirco says:

    What drivel. They{whoever they are} never proved any fixing for the 1934 W.cup.
    Benito could not keep track of his own mistress. Are we to believe he could fix a tournament that he had no real interest in???
    Would Jules Rimet the Fifa president have let him??? It is odd how he is rarely mentioned when these accusations are talked about???

    How about the farcical 1966 W.cup? Stanley Rous as the English president of Fifa had for more ability to fix that tournament than Benito. There was no proportional geographical representation in the choosing of officials, most were Europeans. I believe it was 27 out of 32? Perhaps, it is no coincidence that all the S.American teams were brutalized out of the tournament{Brazil by Portugal}. Ex: In the quarterfinals an English referee denied Uruguay a certain penalty vs. West Germany & then ejected 2 of their players for no reason & than the Germans won 4-0??? While the German referee helped England win 1-0 over Argentina by ejecting one of their players again for no reason. Plus, England’s goal was offside???

    Note, that before & after England hosted they have won NOTHING!!! While since 1970 Italy has won 2 out of 4 world cups & they did not win them as hosts!!!

  4. Mike Sirco says:

    Nik, how about some proof???
    There is plenty of proof from English sources{World Soccer mag} about 80% of fan violence over the past 50 years has come from English fans. Do you remember that English teams were RIGHTLY banned for 5 years after the savage behavior from Liverpool’s fans at the Heysel riot in May of 1985???
    Also, Argentina did not fix their tournament. If they had they would not have lost to Italy in the first round which forced their team to play half way across the country at another stadium.

    Again as is often the case when it comes to the self-righteous English they accuse & expect everyone to BELIEVE??? When the finger is pointed at them they become MUTE!!!

  5. nik says:

    Mr Mike Sirco. you say we english are self-righteous….Okay Check out a few points on this then..

    Number 1-why was a decripped,unsafe football stadium chosen for the biggest night in european club football?When the nou camp and the bernabeau stadiums when avaiable?

    Number 2-Why were the liverpool and Juventus fans put right next to each other in the same part of the stadium?seven times out of ten.the likely outcome is their is going to be trouble..UEFA knew this and covered up the truth in the aftermath.

    Number 3-UEFA and the rest of europe were angry and bitter of the english clubs success in europe at the time..And were looking for any excuse to get us out..Right or wrong?

    So mike please don’t tell i’m talking rubbish when I’m not..You know very well Italian football is fiddled..Here’s some more facts check this out….
    In the 1974 world cup in west germany..Its been alleged that italian officials tried to bribe polish players to lose against them,so that Italy would go through to the next round along with poland,and they said no.
    Again in 2010 there had been match fixing allegations in the lower leagues in italian football 4 years after the Seria A match fixing scandal.
    And again only just recently there has been match fixing allegations which seen the arrest and dropout of two players who are part of the italian national team for Euro 2012…
    So what do you have to say about that?I rest my case..I stand by what I orignally said.And a lot of football fans around the world would agree with me..If not ask them yourself mike.

  6. John says:

    In 1982 Franco has been dead for nearly 7 years. Now, go on…

  7. Felix says:

    After reading your article, I’m still not convinced the ’34 world cup was fixed, but acknowledge it is possible. Given what I’ve seen over the time I’ve been watching the event, I wouldn’t trust FIFA with my life.

    I find it amusing your statement that Mauro Camoranesi won the world cup for Italy in 2006. I may be reading this wrong. I hope I am. I wouldn’t even put him in the top 10 of Italy’s best players that year. He gets trumped by the likes of Pirlo, Materazzi, Cannavaro, Del Piero, Grosso, De Rossi to name a few!

    You seem to be heavily biased against Italy. The title of your article is centred on the 34 wc, but you mention the 78 wc also. If your article was fair, you would’ve mentioned other world cups too, like Korea 2002, probably the most obvious wc to be fixed in recent times.

  8. Jimbo J says:

    According to the “neutral” press of the time, in the first ’34 WC game Italy vs. Spain the Italians were allowed to play with such level of aggression that 3 Spanish players were injured (and couldn’t make the replay) as a result of tackles during the game. As red cards hadn’t been invented nor substitutions were allowed, this represented a tremendous advantage for the Italians. I had been reading these sort of stories about the ’34 WC for a very long time now. Having said that, the way the Italians were cheated in game vs. South Korea in 2002 also defied belief.

  1. November 13, 2011

    […] contests for money. Before the 1934 football world cup final, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini held court with the referee and it may have had something to do with the result (Italy won). FIFA’s […]

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