Are Wednesday & Palace Cracking Up?

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9 Responses

  1. CTT says:

    Both of these clubs are going to either sink into mid-table mediocrity in League One, or have a Newcastle-style super-galvanisation and take both automatic promotion slots with ease.

    Obviously, as a Huddersfield fan, I’m hoping it’s the former. I’m also hoping no clubs start League One on -10/-15/-30 or whatever next season, but I doubt it…

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    CTT – no danger of them taking the League One automatic spots between them. Palace didn’t go down.

    Enjoyed what I saw of Huddersfield this season, hope you make it next. Never thought Lee Clark would make a manager!!

  3. Tom Wolsey says:

    CTT, Palace havent been relegated so i doubt theyll be taking any league one promotion spot next year, regardless of any “super-galvanisation” that may happen at the club.

  4. CTT says:

    So they haven’t. Who did go down then…

    Ah, no danger from busted Plymouth and Peter-out-borough.

    Southampton and possibly Wednesday it is then…

  5. Martin says:

    Does anyone know what Palace’s debt to HMRC is and (more importantly) how it compares to Jordan’s dubious £7.8m debt?

    Another summer, another doctored CVA I suspect. Hopefully another law case to follow.

  6. Mark Murphy says:

    The statement of affairs as at 26 Jan 2010, in the administrators’ report to creditors said:

    PAYE and NIC £1,488,876 VAT £656,212 TOTAL: (£2,145,088)

    …and St Johns Ambulance £15,817

  7. Martin says:

    Thanks Mark.

    Answering my own question I know, but it’s up to £3.6m now according to this:

    Perhaps that now includes the infamous “overseas image rights” tax dodge that HMRC are clamping down on?

  8. Mark says:

    Main problem at Hillsborough is the Co-op Bank’s £20 million loan is secured agAinst the stadium valued A FEW YEARS AGO at £25 million, ie before property market crashed and severe flooding – the ground’s in a flood zone – see website of Environment Agency. So, the Yanks’ valuation was generous as ground’s now worth no more than £10 million, plus a re-valuation’s overdue and administration’s next step.
    Even showing Cantona the door or not supporting di Canio when the ref took a dive was not as bad as this.

  9. Mick says:

    Cheer up Mark – Billsaja to the rescue!

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