Was The Bernabéu’s DJ On Loan From Carrow Road?


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6 Responses

  1. CTT says:

    I hate that Bellini track. The sample was used in a far superior tune by The Heartists (a.k.a Basement Jaxx) the previous year called Belo Horizonte. It wasn’t cheesy-Euro enough though, so along came the shitty Bellini version, which still gets played to this day.

  2. Chris says:

    Although I am in agreement when it comes to generic Euro-dance or `Tom Hark’, I must point out that, at the Den, a blast of the music-hall style ditty `Let Em’ Come’ follows every home goal. As anyone who has visited SE16 will know that the song also accompanies the players’ entrance at the beginning of the game, and is often belted out by the supporters during games home and away. The difference being that the song and its lyrics are intrinsically linked to the club, rather than just a catchy melody heard at half of the grounds in the country.

  3. William says:

    CTT – I bow to your knowledge of dance remixes!

    Chris – I have never been to the Den so it was interesting to read that. It’s certainly better when the song is unique to the club. The blog that I mentioned in the article (the one by the Burnley fan) raises the grievance that many other clubs use “Tom Hark” as well as the Clarets, which is a perfectly understandable gripe.

  4. Paul Blackwell says:

    At Oldham in the season just gone, goals for us were so few and far between that we’d all but forgotten what our tune was supposed to be.
    I have to say that as a very old fan of our cardboard cut out seafaring hero I just love the Pugwash tune played at Fleetwood. I can’t believe it but there is some fan whose handle is ‘Ban Pugwash’ or something similar.
    Miserable sod was probably on the side of Cutthroat Jake …

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